Overfinch Commemorates Chinese New Year with Exclusive Range Rover

Overfinch, the esteemed British tuning company renowned for its customized Range Rovers since 1975, unveils a special-edition vehicle to honor the Chinese New Year and the auspicious Year of the Dragon. Limited to just eight units, “The Dragon Edition” boasts exquisite details both inside and out, epitomizing luxury and exclusivity.

The focal point of the Dragon Edition lies in its subtle nods to the revered animal of the year. While the exterior exudes the unmistakable aura of an Overfinch-tuned masterpiece, featuring bespoke bumpers and cladding, the discerning eye will catch the intricate details paying homage to the dragon motif. The exclusive Overfinch Vortex wheels, adorned with dragon center caps, stand as a testament to craftsmanship, ensuring a captivating presence on the road. Furthermore, the iconic “RANGE ROVER” badging is replaced with striking “OVERFINCH” lettering, signaling the vehicle’s exceptional pedigree.

Step inside, and the opulence continues with bespoke dragon-themed elements adorning every corner. Each interior is meticulously tailored to the buyer’s color preferences, offering a personalized touch to the design. The demonstrator vehicle showcases a striking combination of red and black leather seats, featuring a mesmerizing dragon scale pattern embossed throughout. Intricate dragon inlays grace the shoulder sections, while the headrests proudly bear the Chinese character 龍, symbolizing strength and prosperity.

From the glove box inlay to the sliding cupholder cover, every detail reflects the dragon-inspired theme, culminating in a cohesive and captivating interior ambiance. Even the shifter receives a bespoke modification with a distinctive dragon claw design, adding a touch of mystique to the driving experience. To further accentuate its exclusivity, the forward cubby bin proudly displays the designation “DRAGON EDITION 1/8,” echoed on the sill tread plates, emphasizing the limited production run.

The Dragon Edition is exclusively available for 2024 Range Rovers, including SV and Autobiography variants, catering to discerning clients worldwide. With Overfinch’s renowned legacy of enhancing Range Rovers dating back to 1975, this special edition continues their tradition of excellence, blending performance and aesthetics seamlessly. While pricing details remain undisclosed, the exclusivity and craftsmanship embodied in the Dragon Edition undoubtedly place it in a realm of unparalleled luxury, symbolizing power, fortune, and prestige for its fortunate owners.