Discover Prehistoric Wonders at This Luxurious Montana Resort

Imagine combining the thrill of a dinosaur dig with the comforts of a luxury stay. That’s exactly what guests at the Montage Big Sky in Montana can experience with their exclusive “Dino Dig” adventure. This unique offering takes you beyond the usual nature walk, allowing you to explore the prehistoric treasures hidden beneath Montana’s rugged terrain.

The adventure begins with a breathtaking helicopter ride over Montana’s diverse landscape, where you can marvel at the stunning views and learn about the region’s rich wildlife. Your destination: the Wickens’ Ranch excavation site, a prime location for uncovering remnants of the distant past. Guided by expert palaeontologists, you’ll have the opportunity to dig for fossils and immerse yourself in the ancient world of dinosaurs. And the best part? Any fossils you discover are yours to keep, turning your adventure into a once-in-a-lifetime treasure hunt.

Montana is a hotbed for fossil finds, boasting a record 75 different dinosaur species discovered in the state. It’s where the first Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was unearthed in 1902, adding a thrilling historical backdrop to your digging experience. After a day of playing palaeontologist, you’ll be whisked back to the Montage Big Sky for some well-deserved relaxation.

Covering an impressive 500,000 square feet, Montage Big Sky stands as Montana’s largest and most luxurious hotel. The resort offers a range of accommodations, from rooms starting at $525 per night to lavish suites costing up to $12,000 per night. While the price tag is steep, the amenities are equally grand. Guests can indulge in six distinct dining options, unwind at the expansive 10,000-square-foot spa, shop for cowboy boots at the boutique, or enjoy the state’s only hotel bowling alley. For fitness enthusiasts, there’s a cutting-edge gym equipped with Peloton bikes.

The outdoor facilities are just as impressive, featuring a pool, an ice skating rink, a tubing hill, and a convenient chairlift to Big Sky Resort’s 85 miles of ski trails. Whether you’re into fly fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, or zip-lining, the resort caters to every outdoor whim. And now, with the addition of the dino digging experience, the Montage Big Sky offers a unique blend of luxury and adventure.

Interestingly, Montage Big Sky isn’t the sole player in the luxury fossil-finding niche. Last January, The Luminaire launched the world’s first luxury dinosaur expedition. This exclusive five-day journey invites private groups of up to 10 to dig for a Diplodocus skeleton in Wyoming, offering another extraordinary way to combine luxury with a passion for paleontology.

At Montage Big Sky, the allure of uncovering ancient fossils, coupled with top-tier accommodations and services, creates a truly unparalleled experience. So, if you’re looking to add a prehistoric twist to your next vacation, this Montana resort might just be the perfect destination.