Eco-Friendly Fireplaces To Cozy Up With In Any Space

Fire Pit Flame with Vibrant Sunset - Photo by Linda Zuckerman of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Blaze

A natural element, fire adds an instant warmth – both literal and figurative – to any space; but adding a fireplace to just anywhere was not always easy. Traditional fireplaces require vents and chimneys, and either wood or gas to fuel. With growing environmental concerns on the rise and building limitations, a newer product came to market known as bioethanol fueled fireplaces, also known as ethanol fireplaces. These modern fire features come with a host of pros compared to traditional versions, and are popping up across residential and commercial properties around the world.

Roasting S'mores with Bioethanol Fire Pit - Photo by Linda Zuckerman for The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Modern Blaze

Benefits of Bioethanol

Let’s start with the facts to see why bioethanol has become a preferred source of fuel for fireplaces. Ethanol is a liquid biofuel produced by fermenting plants such as corn or soybeans. As a renewable fuel, it is good for the environment in terms of production and output, producing no smoke, no soot, and no ash. Gone are the days when your clothes smell of smoke or ash finds it’s way all over after a fire pit night. While CO2 is a bi-product of ethanol burning, it’s amount a fairly small and said to be similar to burning a candle despite a much larger flame size. A substantial, bright, nearly odorless and exhaust free fire means cleaner air for both you and the world at large while still being able to enjoy the aesthetics and comfort of a flame. Even better is that there is no clean-up and very little maintenance required. Plus, with no vent or chimney, the heat generated by ethanol fires is not lost through the chimney, it is beneficial in the space.

Bioethanol Ecofriendly Fire Pit for Indoor/Outdoor use - Courtesy of Modern Blaze
Bioethanol Fireplace by EcoSmart Courtesy of Modern Blaze

Versatility of Ethanol Fireplaces

A leader in fireplaces who offers ethanol fueled options, Modern Blaze notes that one of buyers main objectives when switching to ethanol fire features are their versatility in placement. Able to be built in small, portable formats they can easily be placed in different rooms or settings. What seems fitting for an afternoon read in your living room, can be transported to bed-side flame in minutes with certain models. Given the little requirements needed for placing an ethanol fire pit in any room, installation is minimal with no need for electric or fuel hook ups, lowering the overall cost of construction and time it takes to set-up. Of course, Ethanol Fireplaces are also available in more permanent built-in structures, adding to the lasting finish on your interior, or more portable versions like tabletop burners. Perhaps one of our favorite ways to incorporate an ethanol fireplace is with an indoor/outdoor living space, where the comforts of your home interior can be accented with modern flames amidst a breathtaking outdoor view.

Family Enjoying Outdoor Fire Pit in House Backyard - Photo by Linda Zuckerman of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Blaze

We envisioned a free-standing fire pit niche to fit in our backyard, and ended up choosing the Eco Smart 39″ Round Concrete Fire Pit Bowl from Modern Blaze. It arrived quickly (in a matter of a week), and once the crate was screwed open, the fire pit was pretty much ready to go – we just had to place in the centerpiece and decorative rocks. A custom pebbled gravel area was layed down first by our landscapers for the fire pit to go on top of, but definitely is something that can be accomplished as a DIY project if needed. For the fuel we ordered the eNRG bioethanol which came with a canister for easy fill of the fuel area. The fire pit was not delivered with fuel to get it started, so you’ll want to make sure you order the fuel from the seller or by other means to ensure you have it on hand once our fire pit is ready to go. Once the fuel was delivered, we looked up a video from Modern Blaze on YouTube that showed how to ignite the flame which was super easy. After the flame is ignited, it does take a few minutes for the flame to really catch and build-up, but once it does, it provides a nice vibe and warmth to the seating around. All together the delivery and set-up of the fire pit was very easy and a nice surprise compared to the other fireplaces at our home that required significantly more planning, preparation, and construction costs. The particular model we chose also has a nice ledge on the side that you can rest a drink on if you wanted to put it down and didn’t have another side table available. It’s also nice that the flames do not emit smoke, sparks, or ash flying in the air, so we feel safe bringing our pets around.

For cool or warm weather destinations alike, ethanol fireplaces can be the perfect solution to add a focal point to the outdoor living space. Whether you are lounging poolside, making s’mores, or enjoying a cup of tea by the fire, there are countless ways to enjoy and elevate your space. Discover more fire pit and fireplace solutions at

Bioethanol Ecofriendly Fire Pit Table for Indoor/Outdoor use - Photo by Linda Zuckerman of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Courtesy of Modern Blaze