Where Upscale Dining Meets Mediterranean Flavors at New York’s Favorite Greek Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine has long been touted for it’s health benefits, with a focus on fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, an abundance of fish and olive oil. Consuming a Mediterranean diet can be a balanced way to eat more healthy and prevent diseases – plus the culture of consuming such healthy foods promotes other positive and lasting effects on our overall well-being. As if we needed any more convincing to adopt a Mediterranean diet, Long Island restaurant Limani Roslyn has managed to transform the cuisine into an even more irresistible choice – by offering the freshest authentic produce and creating an ambiance where social gatherings are both upscale, comfortable, and delicious.

Lobster Pasta at Limani Roslyn - Upscale Mediterranean Dining in Long Island, New York
Lobster Pasta
Garides Saganaki - Shrimp Entree at Limani Roslyn - Authentic Greek / Mediterranean Upscale Restaurant in Long Island, New York
Garides Saganaki

Limani Roslyn Cuisine

The menu consists of the usual Mediterranean staples – starters including flavor infused hummus and dips with fresh pita bread, chunky Greek salad, fried zucchini chips and a myriad of fresh seafood dishes. Great pride is taken in ensuring quality produce at Limani Roslyn – with capers from Santorini or the Saffron from Kozani. Utilizing authentic, direct from the source ingredients lends itself to genuine and delectable flavors. Standouts from their raw bar include: Kumamoto Oysters from Washington State, creamy and plump with a mild fruity flavor; Little Neck Clams from Massachusetts, firm and crisp with fruity and slightly briny clams; and the Limani Sampler: Chef’s choice oysters, Little Neck Clams, Ocean Garden Shrimp, Maryland crab meat, P.E.I. mussels, and Maine lobster. Whole fish and fresh cut selections are highlighted by Halibut from Canada, grilled steak-cut served with seasonal vegetables; Organic Salmon from Scotland, filet served with seasonal vegetables; and Lobster from Nova Scotia charcoal grilled with olive oil and lemon sauce.

Two Dining Locations, Cohesive Character

Limani Roslyn located on the exclusive Northern Boulevard, is a free-standing property with villa-esque vibes on the outside, and a fine Mediterranean feel on the inside. A fresh open-air seafood display filled with the featured seafood stands out under spotlight as you enter, with a bar to the left and abundance of seating throughout. Two outdoor seating areas including an oversized umbrella covered patio and a custom built glass dining pod are available for outdoor seating, with the latter being fully lit and warmed throughout.

Limani Roslyn - Upscale Greek Mediterranean Dining in Roslyn, New York
Limani Roslyn Outdoor Dining Pod - Upscale Greek Mediterranean Dining in Roslyn, New York

Their sister restaurant – Limani New York – located at Rockefeller Center draws crowds from one of the city’s most iconic locations, while maintaining the European feel and same great flavors that Limani is known for.

The success of Limani Roslyn is no secret, so it’s not a surprise to learn the team may be planning a few more outposts, both locally and potentially across state lines. Keep your eyes out for the news and in the meantime, enjoy one of the current New York locations for a meal that will transport you straight to the Mediterranean for the night.

For reservations and more information, visit Limani.com