Embark on a 132-Day World Cruise in 2026 — Covering All 7 Continents

For travelers yearning to set foot on all seven continents, the opportunity to achieve this feat in one comprehensive journey is on the horizon. Holland America has just unveiled plans for a Grand World Voyage in 2026, spanning 132 days and encompassing every continent in a remarkable circumnavigation of the globe.

Setting sail from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, aboard the 1,432-passenger Volendam, this epic voyage is scheduled to commence on January 4, 2026. The itinerary begins with a southward journey along the eastern coastline of South America, culminating in a glimpse of Antarctica. (It’s worth noting that the Antarctic leg of the journey will offer scenic cruising only, with no land excursions.)

Departing from Antarctica, the Volendam will chart a course across the vast expanse of the South Pacific, making a stop at the iconic Easter Island before continuing on to Australia and Southeast Asia.

The voyage then transitions to the Indian Ocean, with captivating stops in the Maldives and Sri Lanka, followed by a transit through the historic Suez Canal. Subsequent ports of call include various destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and a transatlantic crossing back to Fort Lauderdale.

In total, the Grand World Voyage will encompass 47 ports across 39 countries, featuring nine overnight stays in enchanting locales such as Rio de Janeiro and Bali.

Gus Antorcha, President of Holland America, shared insights during the announcement ceremony aboard the Zuiderdam, currently navigating the 2024 Grand World Voyage: “In crafting this itinerary, we consulted with thousands of past guests and travel advisors, resulting in one of the most meticulously researched routes ever for a world cruise. We’ve curated an itinerary that showcases beloved destinations while allowing ample time for exploration and ensuring a leisurely pace for our guests.”

This thoughtfully designed voyage promises unforgettable experiences and abundant opportunities for immersive discovery, reflecting Holland America’s commitment to delivering exceptional global travel adventures.