Inspired by Italy’s Fashion Capital, Tankoa Reveals Its New 230-Foot Hybrid Superyacht

Dubbed Milano, the 230-foot luxury vessel draws its inspiration from the chic metropolis of Milan, seamlessly blending sophisticated design with cutting-edge maritime technology. Among the impressive fleet of Tankoa yachts, Milano stands as one of the largest, trailing just behind the 236-foot Solo and matching the grandeur of the 230-foot Suerte.

Tankoa CEO Vincenzo Poerio expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “This endeavor marks another significant stride in Tankoa’s journey towards becoming a key player in crafting opulent megayachts. By melding avant-garde engineering with an unwavering focus on intricate details, Milano epitomizes our commitment to excellence.”

Presented at the recent Dubai International Boat Show, this exquisite creation was a collaborative effort between Tankoa and Milan-based design firm Nauta Design, led by Mario Pedol. Reflecting the essence of contemporary elegance, Milano boasts a sleek profile, embodying the timeless allure synonymous with “Made in Italy” craftsmanship.

Mario Pedol, Co-founder of Nauta Design, elaborated on the design concept, stating, “The elongated horizontal lines establish a seamless connection with the ocean’s expanse, fostering an intimate communion with the natural surroundings. It represents a reimagining of clean contours and harmonious proportions, evoking a visual impression of weightlessness, purity, and tranquility.”

Beginning with the expansive beach club at the stern, guests are treated to a lounge area featuring a convertible gym, a serene space with a sauna and massage room, an outdoor swimming pool, and retractable hull platforms that transform into waterside lounges. Tankoa also offers customization options for the aft sun lounge, allowing owners to personalize their experience aboard Milano.

Ascending to the main deck, an alfresco lounge leads to the opulent main salon and dining area. Further forward, two spacious VIP cabins with fold-out terraces, a fully-equipped galley, and a garage capable of housing two tenders await. The lower deck accommodates four guest suites, an additional garage for water toys and diving equipment, 12 crew cabins, and crew amenities, with direct access to the beach club.

The upper deck is dedicated entirely to the owner, featuring a luxurious suite with a walk-in closet, dual bathrooms, and a private study, as well as a sky lounge and outdoor dining area. Direct access is provided to a private pool and helipad located at the bow.

Ascending to the bridge deck, guests will find the wheelhouse, a captain’s cabin, and a cinema, along with a sundeck boasting an alfresco lounge area, complete with a bar, sunbeds, and L-shaped sofas.

Milano is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system comprising four variable-speed CAT C32 generators and two 1650 kW e-motors, enabling a top speed of 16.5 knots while also supporting the vessel’s hotel load. Additionally, the yacht will be equipped with fuel cells capable of providing up to 200 kW of power, with Tankoa initially utilizing methanol fuel cells, with the potential to transition to hydrogen as technology advances. This commitment to eco-consciousness ensures that Milano is not only a symbol of style but also of environmental responsibility.