Empire: Vicem’s Opulent Cruiser Sets Sail as a Maritime Marvel

Empire Vicem Cruiser

Amidst the maritime panorama, a novel maritime marvel emerges – a 95-foot vessel named Empire, crafted with meticulous precision by the skilled artisans at Vicem shipyard in Turkey. Commissioned by a discerning Australian patron, Empire, the latest gem in Vicem’s Cruiser line, is set to traverse the oceanic expanse to meet its new custodian.

In a narrative of bespoke elegance, Empire draws inspiration from the esteemed Vicem 107 Cruiser but transcends mere emulation through tailor-made enhancements. Deniz Sonmez, Vicem’s erudite head of interior designers, articulates the genesis of this maritime masterpiece. “The owners approached us with a crystalline vision, captivated by the timeless allure of the Vicem 107 Cruiser. They desired to birth a vessel in its likeness,” Sonmez said.

Empire Vicem Cruiser

This Cruiser, spanning the spectrum from 67 to 107 feet, is an ode to 32 years of Vicem’s mastery in cold molding wooden hulls. Yusuf Altundasar, the visionary hull designer, extols the vessel’s eco-friendly amalgamation of wooden craftsmanship and cutting-edge epoxy resins, asserting its aptitude for superyacht ventures.

A poetic crescendo in Empire’s design is the expansive flybridge, a celestial space enveloping two-thirds of the vessel’s entirety. This elevated domain hosts a resplendent wet bar, a convivial dining area for ten, and a luxuriously heated Jacuzzi. The aft section, a versatile expanse, accommodates a 20-foot tender and a robust crane with a lift capacity exceeding a ton.

Empire Vicem Cruiser

Outdoors, the flybridge dons a sun pad, a lounging area, and a table. The partially veiled aft cockpit boasts a second dining tableau, complemented by a fridge, a sink, and a retractable television for added convenience. Transitioning indoors, the living quarters unfold seamlessly, encompassing a salon, dining room, and galley on a singular step-free plane. 

The lower deck, a sanctum of luxury, cradles a full-beam owner’s suite, adorned with a king-size bed, a vanity table, and a sumptuous sofa. Accompanying this opulence are the VIP cabin, a double cabin, and a twin cabin, a testament to Empire’s commitment to luxurious living.

Empire Vicem Cruiser

The owners chose from a palette of nine distinct finishes, ultimately embracing the warm embrace of natural oak. This rich wood, a tactile symphony underfoot, graces floorboards, cabinetry, and wall panels, rendering an ambiance of sophistication and snugness. Ambient LED lighting illuminates this maritime haven, infusing a golden glow into the exquisite woodwork.

In the realm of power, Empire is propelled by twin 1,600 hp MTU 10V engines, orchestrating variable-speed bow and stern thrusters. Two 27.5kW generators shoulder the responsibility of the vessel’s power needs. Navigating the high seas is a seamless endeavor, facilitated by the elevated wheelhouse that affords impeccable visibility.

Empire, a testament to nautical opulence, embarks on its transoceanic odyssey, destined for the shores of Australia. Its inaugural public spectacle awaits at the Sanctuary Cove Yacht Show in the spring of 2024, where its grandeur will be unveiled to an admiring audience.