Ritz-Carlton Unveils the Launch of Its Third Superyacht

The Ritz-Carlton group recently revealed the addition of a third superyacht, Luminara, to its esteemed collection, set to embark on its maiden voyage in the summer of 2025.

Measuring an impressive 794 feet, Luminara proudly claims the title of the largest yacht within the Ritz-Carlton fleet, joining the 790-foot Ilma and the 624-foot Evrima. This magnificent vessel is designed to accommodate 452 guests, comprising 226 entry-level suites, each boasting its own terrace, alongside a selection of spacious signature suites. Among these luxurious accommodations is the pinnacle Residential Suite.

The refined interiors of the yacht are crafted by Toronto-based Chapi Chapo Design and London’s AD Associates, harmoniously blending contemporary design with timeless maritime elegance. Utilizing a sumptuous palette of red, navy, and green, paired with premium materials such as brown oak wood, Calcutta marble, and leather, the interior exudes opulence.

The exteriors, envisioned by Helsinki-based studio Aivan, showcase a sleek design reminiscent of private yachts, adding to the vessel’s allure.

In line with the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s standards, Luminara will offer a plethora of onboard amenities, including world-class dining venues, a Ritz-Carlton spa, an extensive wine program, and an expanded marina. Additionally, guests can partake in a range of onshore experiences, such as expert-led local tours, helicopter rides, and kayaking excursions.

Among Luminara’s initial voyages are round trips around Italy and Spain, featuring stops at renowned European landmarks like Sicily’s ancient amphitheaters and the attractions of Barcelona.

Jim Murren, executive chairman and chief executive officer for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, commented, “With Luminara, we are not merely introducing another superyacht to our fleet; we are broadening the horizons of ultra-luxury travel. This expansion embodies our steadfast commitment to exploration, enrichment, and the pursuit of extraordinary experiences for our guests. Luminara invites travelers to embark on remarkable journeys and explore the world’s most captivating destinations while enjoying unparalleled amenities and service.”

Alongside the unveiling of its third yacht, Ritz-Carlton has announced its comprehensive 2025 yacht expeditions aboard Evrima and Ilma. A total of 53 itineraries are now available, featuring new voyages through the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, encompassing stops at Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Reykjavík, as well as voyages to Greece, the Iberian Peninsula, and France.