Feather-Light Carbon-Fiber Porsche 912 Restomod Weighs Less Than 1,600 Pounds


The Hungarian-based workshop has recently unveiled its most extreme version of the restomod yet. The 2024 iteration of this sleek sports car showcases an entirely new body constructed solely from carbon fiber, significantly reducing its overall weight.

Since its establishment earlier in the decade, KAMM has devoted its resources to crafting restomods based on the entry-level 911 manufactured between 1965 and 1969. Previous models of the 912c featured an exterior blend of carbon fiber and steel. However, the 2024 edition sets itself apart by utilizing lightweight material for every crucial body part, including the roof and quarter panels, as confirmed by the workshop. 

Consequently, the car, when fully equipped for road use, boasts a mere 1,541 pounds on the scales. This weight marks a reduction of approximately 110 pounds compared to the earlier semi-carbon 912c and a remarkable 660 pounds lighter than the original vehicle. Furthermore, this lowered weight distribution ensures the sports car now boasts nearly a 50:50 balance.

Increased carbon fiber isn’t the sole modification in the new 912c. The body has undergone aerodynamic refinements, and the shop offers carbon-fiber wheels as an additional option. Inside, enhanced seat choices, improved air conditioning, and phone connectivity await. Additionally, in 2024, the shop plans to introduce a personalized design service, allowing customers to further tailor their vehicles.

However, one aspect remains unchanged—the engine. KAMM continues to equip its 912 restomods with a larger, air-cooled 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine generating 190 hp and capable of revving up to 7,200 rpm. This upgraded engine output is twice the power of the factory-installed 1.6-liter four-cylinder found in original versions of the car.

While the original 912 was comparatively affordable—within Porsche standards—the 912c targets a wholly different market. This restomod begins at €360,000 (approximately $395,000). Should you provide the donor car, the price decreases to €320,000 ($351,000). If this pricing doesn’t deter you, reach out to the workshop promptly to secure your own 912c.