Unique Lamborghini Revuelto Fetches $1.3 Million at Art Basel Auction

In a grand celebration marking Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary and coinciding with the vibrant Art Basel Miami Beach event, the Italian supercar giant showcased its expertise in a fashion synonymous with its flamboyance: by hosting an extravagant affair. Commanding the spotlight in South Beach stood the center of attention—a singular rendition of the brand’s newest flagship model, the inaugural production hybrid supercar, the $608,000 (base price) Revuelto.

Dubbed the “Opera Unica,” translating to “one-off” in Italian, this striking specimen exuded an aura of exclusivity with an ombre purple-to-black exterior paint, vibrant red-and-blue artistic brush strokes, and an interior inspired by Memphis design, boasting bold primary-color accents set against a sleek black backdrop. Complementing this automotive masterpiece was a bespoke three-piece set of handcrafted luggage, meticulously matching the car’s internal color scheme.

Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s design director, likened the car’s presence to that of a comet entering the atmosphere while providing a personal tour of the vehicle. Crafted by hand, both exterior and interior demanded over 650 hours of meticulous craftsmanship, intended to convey three fundamental messages to brand enthusiasts and aspiring aficionados alike.

“We sought to celebrate our 60th anniversary, showcase the car itself through this exquisite paint job, highlighting the suspended floating elements on the body, the three-dimensional contours, and the aerodynamic airflow,” explained Borkert. “Furthermore, it underscores our Ad Personam program, offering customers the utmost in personalization for their cars.”

This emphasis on personalization holds significant weight as bespoke luxury car customization initiatives like Ad Personam can substantially elevate the price of a Lamborghini vehicle by up to 50%, a fact acknowledged by the brand itself. The Ad Personam program caters to diverse requests, whether it’s matching the car’s finish, leather, or surface embellishments to a client’s favorite flower, gemstone, or even an AI-generated customized family crest.

Borkert hinted at forthcoming enhancements in customization options for clients, envisioning the incorporation of 3D-printed parts. “In the future, we could certainly introduce 3D-printed components, a path we’ve already explored with one-offs or limited editions like the new Countach, where 3D-printed vents and other elements were utilized,” he disclosed.

The festivities not only featured the awe-inspiring “Opera Unica” but also showcased nearly 50 Lamborghini-inspired artworks commissioned by individual dealerships across the Americas. These diverse pieces, commemorating the marque’s six-decade legacy, ranged from paintings and silkscreens depicting iconic Lamborghinis to surprises such as acid-green Nike sneakers, wire sculptures, a psychedelic surfboard, an enigmatic Lego sculpture, and a colossal rendition resembling a manhole cover.

Most striking among these exhibits was a three-dimensional plexiglass outline of a Lamborghini, spanning seven feet, suspended above a vivid depiction of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. Upon closer inspection, this art piece was composed of thousands of tessellated hexagonal images of other Lamborghinis—an astonishing visual spectacle.

The autonomy granted to dealers in curating these artworks, devoid of direct involvement from the marque’s headquarters, raised eyebrows given the typically stringent control maintained by luxury brands over their intellectual property and showroom aesthetics. When questioned about this deviation, Borkert attributed it to Lamborghini’s core values of audacity, unpredictability, and authenticity, emphasizing the emotion and passion exhibited by their dealer network.

As our conversation drew to a close, Borkert revealed that the special 60th anniversary Revuelto had just been sold for $1.3 million in the past hour. When inquired about the accompanying handcrafted luggage, he grinned and clarified that it was not part of the offer—an exclusive acquisition for the fortunate buyer.