Unique Ways To Enjoy Ikraa Caviar This Spring

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Ikraa Caviar

One of the finest family owned caviar companies, Ikraa Caviar, started over 35 years ago when Eugene Dozortsev’s palate sparked a liking for caviar. Now a second generation run family business specializing in buying and selling the world’s best caviar, Ikraa Caviar delivers the delicacy in New York and across the U.S. The family’s longstanding relationships directly with caviar producers allows them to pass along the exquisite delicacy with ultimate freshness. It is true the caviar is so good you can enjoy it on it’s own, but also makes a great addition to some of your favorite foods. Keep reading to discover our top 3 recipes.

Easy Caviar Recipes

Even though caviar is often featured at five-star restaurants, you don’t need to be a Michelin starred chef to prepare your own caviar dishes. Some caviar connoisseurs insist caviar is best enjoyed by itself off a mother of pearl spoon which allows it’s true flavor to shine. The truth is, there are many delicious way to enjoy caviar with your food, that adds to and brings out the flavor of caviar while adding a touch of sophistication. Below you’ll find a few of our simple and healthy caviar recipes using none other than Ikraa.

Eggs and Caviar on Toast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s key that you choose an option packed with health benefits. Take a piece of multigrain toast with a sunny-side up egg and generous portion of Ikraa Kaluga Reserve Caviar for a healthy start to your morning.

Caviar Sushi

No advanced sushi making skills are require for this one! Simply prepare sticky rice, slice and lay your fish accordingly, and top with a heaping spoon of Ikraa Imperial Osetra Caviar.

Baked Potato with Caviar

Fulfilling and delicious, our Caviar Baked Potato Recipe is foolproof. Bake your potato until firm and golden then gently scoop its floury insides into a bowl and add a little butter, salt, sour cream, chives and mash together. Re-stuff the potato skin and place back in the oven at around 180C for 3 minutes. Place the potato on a plate and garnish with 1 to 2 oz of Golden Osetra caviar and top with gold flakes.

Photos by Linda Zuckerman

Caviar Gift Sets

As the warmer weather rolls in, we know you’re itching to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. A sunny afternoon outside can be made all the more memorable and packed with vitamins (other than D) by adding a caviar tasting to your outing. Our friends at Ikraa have put together the ultimate Caviar Gift Sets for a perfect Spring picnic.

Ikraa Caviar Tasting Set

The classic Ikraa Caviar Tasting Set can be catered for 1 to 8 people with varying ounces of caviar for a simple yet tasty treat. The insulated lunch bag provides ideal housing to transport your caviar to the park, beach, or beyond.

Ikraa Caviar
Ikraa Caviar Picnic Pack

For a picnic or brunch with the full Ikraa experience, consider the Ikraa Caviar Picnic Pack. This picnic pack makes for the perfect travel set or gift set, including a minimum 4 oz of Imperial Osetra caviar, French mini blinis, Truffle butter, and 2 pearl spoons. You can also customize the pack to your liking, by selecting an alternative Russian Osetra, Kaluga Premium, or Kaluga Reserve caviar. No matter which caviar you choose, you’ll be making the right choice in nourishing your body with extra vitamins and minerals.

Ikraa Caviar
Ikraa Caviar