Join Michelin Star Sushi Chef Jackson Yu For The Ultimate Virtual Sushi Making Class With Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle Live Sushi Making Class With Michelin Star Chef Jackson Yu

As purveyors of fine truffles, Truffle Shuffle also knows a thing or two about hosting interactive events – whether it be their epic virtual New Years Eve speakeasy bash or their collaborative cooking classes with legendary artists like Snoop Dogg and Raekwon. This weekend, Truffle Shuffle is teaming up with renowned Michelin Star sushi Chef Jackson Yu for a special Nigiri and Knife Skills Class.

Chef Jackson Yu

If you love sushi then this is the perfect interactive experience for you. The opportunity to learn from talented Chef Jackson while making your own Michelin Star sushi from the comfort of home really can’t be beat. Truffle Shuffle has put together sushi kits to be delivered straight to your door. Each kit includes an assortment of ingredients for 2, including Wagyu Beef, Scallop, Salmon, Sushi Rice, and all the finishing touches to perfect your sushi (Rice Vinegar, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Daikon Radish, Pickled Ginger, Persian Cucumber). All fish is sourced from Water 2 Table, a local fishery that focuses on catching the highest quality fish.

During the instructional 90-minute experience, you will learn to make beautiful nigiri sushi by Chef Jackson who will also share his tips on mastering Japanese knife techniques and the key to making the perfect sushi rice. To complement the sushi, the class also features Sarah’s Cherry Blossom Cocktail (mixer included), by resident mixologist.

There will be two live sessions this Sunday March 21st at 2pm or 5pm PST. If you can’t quite make either of these class times, Truffle Shuffle is also offering Video On-Demand Experiences so you can enjoy the experience at your own leisure. And don’t forget, with each package you can add in a selection of fresh truffles from the truffle master’s themselves.

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Sarah's Cherry Blossom Cocktail by Truffle Shuffle - Interactive Live Cooking Classes
Sarah’s Cherry Blossom Cocktail
Salmon Nigiri by Chef Jackson Yu in Collaboration with Truffle Shuffle Virtual Sushi Making Class
Salmon Nigiri