ExoLens Brings Professional Grade Photography to your Mobile Phone

In the age of smart phones, mobile photography holds a large part in content that is created. This visual content has become one of the most influential forms of expression for the current generation. Whether online or on social media, a large portion of discovering, learning, and creating engagement occurs with visual content. As important as these visuals are, being able to truly capture a moment as it appears in real life is not as easily done with just your phone. While mobile phone photography has certainly improved over the years, it still has a way to go to keep up with the standards of professional grade photography.

ExoLens Mobile Photography

To enhance the quality of your mobile photography, ExoLens offers an array of photography lens’ compatible with iPhones. These lens’ give your photos and videos more life with the use of . Through a collaborative partnership with Zeiss – an expert in the optical industry – ExoLens has 4 lens options: Wide Angle, Macro, Telephoto, and a Polarizing Filter.  With the use of ExoLens cases or clip-ons, the lens’ easily attach to your phone. Thus, the transition from normal photography to professional-grade is simple and swift. Perhaps the best part is that these lens’ can all fit in the palm of your hand, making them perfect for on-the-go!

We got the chance to test out the ExoLens wide-angle lens along with the new iPhone 7 Case – and the results were truly impressive. As ExoLens puts it, “The wide-angle lens sees the world with the same field of view as the human eye, creating more immersive images.” Instead of capturing a limited frame, this lens give more dimension and perspective to images.  Check out the images below to see for yourself.

With ExoLens                                                                                  Without ExoLens

Lamborghini Gallardo Interior - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine  Lamborghini Gallardo Interior - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


There you have it – and now you know our secret to getting such awesome shots!

We will definitely be bringing the lens along on all our excursions over the summer and hope you do too. Discover more at ExoLens.com


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