Experience the Shockingly Delicious Taste of Tesla’s GigaBier!

Tesla is no stranger to innovation and taking risks, and their latest venture is no exception. The electric car manufacturer “Tesla” has announced the release of its latest product, the “GigaBier,” a beer inspired by its iconic Cybertruck. The beer is priced at 89 EUR, around 96 USD, and is set to be sold and distributed by BrouwUnie, which is available now on Tesla’s website.

GigaBier is a German-style pilsner. A blend of cyber hops, barley malt, yeast, and water, the beer expresses citrus, bergamot, and sweet fruit notes. The beer is said to have a crisp, refreshing taste that is perfect for any occasion. The can’s design is inspired by the angular, futuristic design of the Cybertruck, and is sure to catch the attention of anyone who is a fan of the vehicle.

Tesla’s GigaBier

The release of the GigaBier has generated a lot of buzz among fans of the Cybertruck, who are eager toget their hands on the limited-edition beer. The beer is expected to be a hit among collectors, as it is a unique product that combines the love for Tesla’s innovation with the iconic design of the Cybertruck.

This is not the first time a car company has ventured into the beverage market, In the past, Porsche released its line of non-alcoholic drinks, and Mercedes-Benz has its coffee brand. However, Tesla’s entry into the beverage market is unique as it is inspired by the Cybertruck.

The beer bottles are available in three packs, each pack contains 330 ml, and features gloss black which glows in the dark, with a “Giga” watermark.

Tesla’s Giga Bier is a unique product that combines the company’s love for innovation, sustainability, and the iconic design of the Cybertruck. The limited-edition beer is sure to be a hit among fans of the truck and collectors, and it will be interesting to see how it fares in the competitive beverage market. With the Giga Bier, Tesla has once again demonstrated its willingness to take risks and push boundaries to deliver innovative products that capture the imagination of its customers.