Extraordinary $100 Million Estate Available in The Bahamas

This picturesque property boasts eleven sumptuous bedrooms and twelve lavishly appointed bathrooms, elegantly ensconced within a sprawling 5,300-square-foot primary residence, accompanied by four opulent guest cottages and accommodations for the estate’s dedicated staff.

In addition to amassing an astonishing box office revenue surpassing the $650 million mark, the cinematic masterpiece “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” introduced audiences to the enigmatic and eccentric character of Captain Jack Sparrow, immortalized by the incomparable Johnny Depp. This film franchise subsequently spawned four sequels, with a fifth installment currently in development under the guidance of producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Astonishingly, the expansive vistas
portraying the movie’s fictitious pirate realm were not confined to Hollywood’s soundstages but were filmed in authentic Caribbean settings, including the breathtaking Little Pipe Cay, an exclusive private island nestled within the Bahamas.

Astonishingly, this cinematic jewel became a prominent backdrop for the classic James Bond film “Casino Royale,” while the legendary Sean Connery graced the nearby cay in “Thunderball.” Remarkably, this illustrious 40-acre haven is now available for discerning buyers at a princely sum of $100 million.

The shores of Little Pipe Cay grace its inhabitants with pristine, fine white sand beaches, complemented by azure waters often referred to by locals as “Bombay-Sapphire Blue.” This tropical haven plays host to a diverse array of exotic flora and marine life, including playful dolphins and graceful sea turtles. The island’s amenities are nothing short of extraordinary, boasting a helipad, a seaplane terminal, and a deep-water dock tailored to accommodate superyachts. The main residence spans over 5,300 square feet and boasts eleven splendid bedrooms and twelve luxuriously appointed bathrooms. Its design, characterized by soaring peaked roofs, cathedral-like high-beam ceilings, resplendent hardwood floors, and extensive glass facades, exquisitely harnesses the island’s awe-inspiring vistas and temperate climate.

An Olympic-sized infinity pool, framed by gardens, offers an idyllic setting for repose and contemplation of the island’s tropical splendor. Much of Little Pipe Cay remains in its natural state, a sanctuary that attracts indigenous birds and wildlife, fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature. Currently operated as a vacation rental enterprise, the estate offers nightly rates ranging from $75,000 to $95,000, inclusive of amenities such as kayaks and jet skis. Furthermore, this island, versatile for individual retreats or investment purposes, includes the prerogative for future development.

Situated within the archipelago, the island resides 70 nautical miles distant from Nassau, the bustling capital of the Bahamas. This archipelago, comprising 365 islands, is distinguished by its sprawling offshore coral reefs, rendering it a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise. Predominantly uninhabited, with a mere 1,500 permanent residents in George Town, its capital, the archipelago’s origins trace back to 1783 when loyalists sought refuge during the American Revolutionary War, christening the city in honor of King George III. This cluster of islands, shrouded in seafaring legends, was once favored by the infamous Captain Kidd and served as a safe haven for buccaneers until the 18th century.

Presently, select islands are protected as part of the Bahamas National Trust park system, while others have found purpose as exclusive retreats catering to the discerning tastes of a global elite rekindled by the challenges of the pandemic. Among the illustrious owners of neighboring islands to Little Pipe Cay are eminent figures David Copperfield, Tyler Perry, and the inimitable Johnny Depp