Extraordinary Patek Philippe Crafted Around a 13.43 Carat Diamond Could Attain a Price Tag of Up to $2 Million USD at Auction 

Showcasing the third most sizable portrait-cut diamond ever documented An unparalleled, tailor-made Patek Philippe timepiece is poised to grace the auction platform in October. Set to make an appearance at Christie’s’ Watches Online: The Dubai Edit, this wristwatch is a truly remarkable creation that came into existence under Patek’s skilled craftsmanship back in 1990, commissioned by a discreet patron. 

This horological masterpiece features a remarkable 13.43-carat portrait-cut diamond serving as its dial cover, replacing the conventional sapphire crystal. This unique timepiece is poised to stand alone, featuring the portrait-cut diamond, ingeniously employed to augment the dial’s allure and safeguard it simultaneously.

In the year 1990, Patek Philippe collaborated with the renowned Geneva-based case artisan, Atelier Réunis, to conceive the watch’s casing, harmoniously enveloping the exquisite diamond. The outcome of this meticulous design process bestows upon the watch an idiosyncratic and asymmetric visual appeal. This includes an 18-karat white gold case, along with a specially crafted Stern Frères dial adorned in a resplendent blue hue. Diana Scarisbrick, an eminent historian in the realm of jewelry, remarked, “The reflections cast by the diamond’s facets brilliantly illuminate the portrait, while the impeccably polished, lucid surface enhances the subject’s radiance far beyond what a conventional crystal could ever achieve. It undeniably captivates the beholder’s attention.”

The theme of asymmetry extends to the presence of 18-karat white gold baton indices, replacing the typical hour markers. To complete this horological marvel, Patek Philippe has meticulously assembled an integrated white gold mesh bracelet, endowing the watch with an individualistic reference number 3834/1. 

This timepiece will also include a digital reproduction of the certificate of origin, dating back to January 18, 1994, personally signed by Philippe Stern, certifying its status as a “Pièce Unique.” Remy Julia, Christie’s head of watches for the Middle East, India, and Africa, commented, “It is exceedingly rare for Patek Philippe to entertain custom orders, even from their most esteemed patrons. Consequently, the presence of a bespoke Patek Philippe at auction is a momentous occasion. Furthermore, for such a bespoke masterpiece to be adorned with a portrait diamond, quite possibly the third largest ever encountered, is an exceptionally infrequent spectacle.”

The Patek Philippe Ref. 3834/1 is poised to take center stage at the bidding event during Christie’s’ Watches Online: The Dubai Edition, scheduled from October 9 to 19