Building International Bridges To Our Dreams – A Look At The Precedent Set by Fabrice Gautier

One of the most conspicuous effects of technological globalization is the degree to which all cultures have become visible to one another and interlinked digitally. 

Now through Youtube, Netflix, and other digital streaming services, K-Pop is regularly watched by westerners and young children across Europe can explore their favorite American movies at the click of a button.

Given this unprecedented proximity of culture, one would imagine, however, that there would be much more international crossover to chase and fulfill aspirational- “dream job”- professions popular in certain countries that may not yet exist in others.

But ever so rarely do we see the professional American cricket player in India, or the Dutch Moviestar on the red carpets of Hollywood, or the Russian PGA Tour player on the fairways of Augusta.

The fact that such patterns largely don’t exist may seem at first normal (as this has traditionally been the case)- but now with the degree of digital interconnectivity we suddenly harness- it would seem like a natural next step for such dream-job crossover to occur on a far more regular basis. 

Fabrice Leading Carmelo Anthony Through a Powerlifting Session - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Fabrice Leading Carmelo Anthony Through a Powerlifting Session

One highly inspirational example that bears out this point is the remarkable story of Fabrice Gautier, the French ‘secret-weapon’ osteopath for an exclusive circle of of top NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gobert, Kevin Love, Chandler Parsons, etc. In addition to the vital role he plays as performance coach to many of the NBA’s top stars, Fabrice is also a successful entrepreneur with business enterprises spanning his own osteopathic / physical therapy practice in Beverly Hills California called LA Main PT to an equity stake in the wildly popular exercise and recovery tool Waff

The story of Fabrice’s rise to success in America would seem far-fetched (if not unthinkable) to most readers, however. Growing up on the outskirts of Paris even before the digital revolution, Fabrice became attracted to the sport of basketball (even as obscure as it was at the time in France) through a basketball magazine he found that covered the LA Lakers Magic Johnson. Although without access to watch Magic Johnson, Fabrice’s affinity for this American Hero and the sport he dominated at the time lit a fire in the young man and Fabrice went on to develop his skills in basketball and the complementary physical therapy that elite players relied on for peak performance.

Fabrice Working with NBA Star Kevin Love on The Waff Exercice Tool - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Fabrice Working with NBA Star Kevin Love on The Waff Exercice Tool

A gifted natural athlete in his own right, Fabrice made it to a high level in both rugby and basketball. Even more impressively, when injuries befell Fabrice and ended his career, Fabrice- despite having no precedent to follow- did not give up on his dream of pursuing basketball on the highest level in the United States with the stars he admired since childhood.

Committed and resolved, Fabrice took up a rigorous scholastic regimen and earned joint licenses as an osteopath and a physical therapist (in France). Using PT as his vehicle, Fabrice decided he was going to move to Los Angeles and do whatever it took to bring into existence the life he had seen for himself since childhood. 

Fabrice with NHL Star P.K. Subban - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Fabrice with NHL Star P.K. Subban

2003 saw the opening of LA Main PT, and since that time Fabrice’s interdisciplinary approach to athletic performance and daily wellness has garnered him prestigious positions such as the official Osteopath to the French National Basketball Team as well as private trainer to an elite circle of the NBA’s best (amongst many other elite athletes from other pro leagues). On a larger scale, Fabrice’s work has been instrumental to the final outcomes of numerous NBA playoff series’, NBA Careers , and has scored press headlines across a variety of the US’ most recognized media outlets from Haute Living to Ocean Drive to Toys For Boys Magazine to Bleacher Report and the Chicago Tribune. 

The Start Of A Therapy Session with the NBA’s Eric Gordon - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The Start Of A Therapy Session with the NBA’s Eric Gordon

What Fabrice calls the transition from “A Child’s Dream to A Man’s Purpose” is a shining example of modern cultural fluidity and the bridges that can be built to our dreams irrespective of nationality or descent. If that is not all, Fabrice’s work underscores that talent and drive- more so than convenience and tradition- are the best asset in any profession, paving the way to a more democratic, merit based system of living out our dreams in the modern era.

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