Fendi’s First Beach Club in Marbella

Nowadays, luxury fashion brands are doing more than just making clothes. They’re opening cool places like restaurants, bars, and galleries. Fendi is joining this trend by opening its very first beach club in the beautiful coastal city of Marbella.

This new beach club is not like an ordinary one. Fendi has transformed an existing beach club at an upscale resort – Puente Romano Beach Resort – with its unique touch of style. The fashion house has added bright colors and patterns taken from their special summer collection, which is all about astrology.

The new 2023 collection was inspired by older Fendi designs; back in 1990 and 1993 they incorporated zodiac signs into their collection, adorned by models like Tyra Banks. Now, at the Fendi Beach Club, you can see signs of the zodiac on the tables, cushions, and even umbrellas.

When you visit the Fendi Beach Club, you’ll see cozy places to relax like cabanas and lounges. Special tables and cushions with red and white stripes, just like in Fendi’s designs match back to the daybed cushions in red and yellow, with soft beige beach rugs, and umbrellas adorned with the famous Fendi monogram.

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If you want to get clothes from their new collection, you’re in luck! There’s a special Fendi boutique that’s opened just for the summer and a new Fendi store nearby.

Gonzalo Rodriquez, who works at the resort, said, “We’re so happy to have this new beach club for the summer. Working with Fendi is a big honor!”

The Puente Romano Beach Resort is not just about Fendi. It has fancy restaurants, bars, and even a spa where you can relax. You can also work out in the fitness center with trainers to help you. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious and relaxing getaway, this place has it all.