Introducing Find Sanctuary: The New, Multi-Purpose, Luxury Micro-Cabins Bringing a Restorative Remote-Working Experience to the United States

Find Sanctuary is an innovative and accessible micro-cabin experience, blending the restorative qualities of “off-grid” getaways with necessary modern amenities, ideal for busy working professionals and those seeking respite.

The new, luxury micro-cabins offer an unparalleled setting for remote work or simple leisure, allowing guests to immerse themselves in nature while staying connected to the modern world. Individuals, couples, and small office teams are invited to reset and restore, reconnecting to self, to others, and to the great outdoors.

After attracting a string of strategic angel investors (such as Birch Benders’ Matt LaCasse and George Bell, Ex-MD of General Catalyst) for its pre-seed funding round, Find Sanctuary will launch its first 40-cabin site amongst the breathtaking scenery of Big Bear, just two hours from downtown Los Angeles. 

With more than 60 companies already on the waitlisting to book, the versatile, multi-purpose experience is set to expand beyond Los Angeles, with locations in New York and San Francisco to follow.

Inside each timber cabin, guests will find the comforts of a luxury retreat, including a plush California king bed, spacious rain shower, fully-equipped kitchen, and cozy wood stove. A comfortable desk, set against panoramic window views, and high-speed wifi provide the tools to work in a uniquely calming environment. Outside, a meditation rock and rustic, open-air bathtub invite those staying to feel the recuperative benefits of nature.

Find Sanctuary will also offer private, “nature-first” office units on-site, for teams of up to ten to work together while embracing the stunning surroundings.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Hammond, conceived the concept after struggling with his own mental health issues and work-related anxiety; by integrating the outdoors into his monthly routine, Hammond’s physical and mental wellbeing drastically improved. 

“After several years of working in city-based startups, I experienced the debilitating side effects that often come with the modern way of living,” he says. “Find Sanctuary was born out of necessity, acting as a supplemental tool to manage my own struggles with mental health.”

Hammond believes that existing “digital-detox” retreats are wonderful for some. However, for the average overstimulated and time-poor American, they are an unrealistic solution and are difficult to access on a regular basis.

“Our hope is to make time in nature a regular part of modern life. Rather than provide an off-grid solution used in times of crisis, Find Sanctuary offers a preventative wellness tool that builds rituals around balanced connection to the natural world. Our cabins are an island of modern life, offering luxuries that cater to both work and leisure, and allowing guests holistic access to nature in an attempt to avoid the crisis altogether. Think healthy consumption of alcohol versus binge drinking followed by abstinence.”

In addition to remote work, team off-sites and personal escapes, Find Sanctuary hopes to establish a “work-from-the-woods” employee benefits program, offering businesses an avenue to prioritize their employees’ wellbeing and increase talent retention through Paid Time On.

Find Sanctuary is currently running a Beta testing program at its recently launched pilot cabin. Testing procedures include design and interior feedback, as well as cortisol swabs pre and post-stay in order to determine the retreat’s impact on wellbeing and stress levels.

Find Sanctuary Big Bear will officially launch in 2023, with cabins available starting at $400 per night.