Oculis Lodge Luxury Domes Let You Glamp in Washington’s Cascade Mountains in Style

Oculis Lodge provides dome-shaped vacation homes in Washington’s Cascade mountains. 

The dome-shaped site spreads over the seven-acre mountainous land. Each site unit is designed in a way that mimics an egg, each spanning 700 square feet, providing enough space for chilling with friends and family members. Apart from this, these simple-looking dome pods offer several amenities, comprising a patio with a fire pit, private sauna, and outdoor jacuzzi.

This Oculis Lodge is designed in a way that can give the experience of mounting, and camping. The site is expecting to lure glampers who want an immersive mountain experience.

Oculus means “eye” in Latin. Also in architecture, it refers to a window or shapes with an oval or circular opening.

The dome itself has an arched entrance with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that will lure people into a cozy, decidedly-round accommodation. An attached patio features a heated deck and a dedicated yoga/workout area to keep people focused, no matter what the temperature outside. After a workout or a hike, cool off in the 6-person Jacuzzi or relax in the private sauna.

For Oculis Lodge, that means a prominent 15-foot Skylight at the top of each unit, filling the space with light during the day and offering the best stargazing at night.

The name also notes the eco-friendly construction of the domed cabin. Each build has a solid body structure that uses 50% less energy to heat and cool than conventional constructions. The company says that only recycled concrete, recycled wood, and recycled materials were used to build the pods.