Ford Is Bringing History Back to Life With The New Heritage Edition GT

Heritage Edition GT

Ford has recently announced the unveiling of the brand new Heritage Edition GT in honor of Heritage Edition GT 1966 Ford GT40 Experimental track car. The famous red and gold striped vehicle has left its name engraved through Ford’s racing history. In 1966, this specific car was at the top of its game like no other, competing against manufacturers such as Ferrari; it outshined above them all. At the time, the Ford racecar could run an astonishing top speed of 210 mph. With that high of a top speed, it still competes with most supercars in today’s automotive industry. 

Being such an iconic car that carries immense accolades, Ford knew it was only suitable to pass the history down to the new GT generation. While keeping the same styling the original 66 GT wore, the new Gen has a few new tricks up its sleeve that shows the advancement over the past fifty-five years. Featuring a set of exposed, lightweight carbon fiber 20-inch wheels, a front splitter, side sills, engine louvers, and a different rear diffuser, all come into play when designing a fully functional top-tier race car.

Other cosmetic enhancements arrive in the form of Ebony Alcantara-wrapped carbon fiber seats, gold appliqués on the X-brace, Alan Mann red dual-clutch paddle shifters, and Brembo brake calipers lacquered in black with red graphics. “To see the red and gold colors of our team’s livery come back to life, and to debut, this new GT alongside one of our original GT40s in Chicago will be a magical occasion,” says Henry Mann, director at Alan Mann Racing, who made the original GT experimental come to life.