Eviation: Airtravel Done Differently

We are familiar with massive, fuel-burning jet planes when flying commercially with airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Air France. CEO and co-founder Omer Bar-Yohay unveils his electric-plane startup Eviation Aircraft. Alice is designed to take nine passengers up to 650 miles at a respectable cruising speed of 240 knots (276 Mph/444Kph) thanks to an advanced battery that, on one charge, operates for two-and-a-half hours. While large aviation companies contribute to atmospheric pollution, this innovative startup has jumped to a complete Zero percent emission level, staying ahead of the competition. With the efforts to bring down emissions across the world, Eviation is setting an example of what could be done with years of research and development with new technology and possibly define the path that all airlines and aircraft, in general, will adopt.

With the several aging aircraft we use today, they are not the easiest to maintain, requiring large crews, Precious time, and loads of money; Eviation has eliminated many of these painstaking factors with new-age technology. The production model incorporates two electric propulsion units from the wingtips to the rear with a design that looks straight from a time machine. Traditionally a V-shaped wing is used in aircraft. Still, Eviation decided to switch to a T- from shaped tail to keep the horizontal stabilizer up in “clean air,” away from turbulent air created by the wing.

With Alice not having the most extended range of flight, it might become popular with socially conscious private owners and operators who often travel shorter distances for weekend golf trips, business meetings, or family getaways.

The aircraft is made with 95 percent composite materials, which are lightweight, have advanced thermal-regulating technology and aerodynamic efficiency, and offer flight stability and powerful propulsion. So far, Eviation has received a significant order from regional US commercial airliner Cape Air for 92 planes set to deliver in 2022. To learn more about Eviation, be sure to check out their Facebook page @EviationAircraft, or go to their website https://www.eviation.co/