Four Seasons Unveils Plans for a 679 Foot Mega Yacht

Four Seasons has announced its all-new super yacht experience – and it’s nothing quite like you have ever seen before. With the travel industry changing rapidly due to the pandemic, brands must adapt and stay with the flow of time. Personalized experiences are quickly becoming more prevalent than ever, and Four Seasons is doing just that. Four Seasons Yacht

This outstanding vessel floats at an impressive 679 feet long and 89 feet wide, making it a great size considering its 96 suites and 14 decks. Each suite is around 581 square feet, making it the largest room in the entire cruise line industry. The most extensive suite amongst all the others is a statement of its own. Resembling what a smokestack would look like on top of a ship in the 1930s, this 9,600 square foot, apartment-like complex consists of 4 decks, a private pool & spa area, all reserved for a lucky guest.

If you have ever been on a cruise, there’s always the one or two halls you sit down at to eat most of your meals, but not to worry, because there is a solution. Four Seasons provides eleven outstanding restaurants to pick and choose from depending on how you feel on any given day. 

With all the provided experiences this behemoth of a yacht has, there is always a price tag behind it. The price comes to $1.16 billion, or an average of $4.35 million per suite.

With nothing other than great things to mention, the Four Seasons yacht will set sail in 2025, but reservations will be available as soon as 2023. So if you are looking for quite the experience, pack your bags because this yacht is ready to make headlines.