Could the Bentley Flying Spur Speed be the Fastest 4-door Car in the World?

Bentley Flying Spur Speed

Do not be fooled by the sedan silhouette. It’s called the Bentley Flying Spur Speed for a reason. Built to exhilarate in every sense, it is the most powerful and driver-focused Flying Spur Bentley has ever built – and a clear contender for the fastest four-door car in the world.

It includes the latest chassis technology, from active all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering to the innovative Bentley Dynamic Ride system, which provides stability through corners. And it is incredibly well crafted, as we know from Bentley Motors. It is darker and more purposeful in style than some of the other Flying Spur models, with more use of technical finishes. For example the front grilles are treated with a dark tint, as are the internal components of the front and rear lights. Not to mention the exclusive 22 inch wheels and Speed badging, inside and out. In the cabin the theme continues, with exquisite craftsmanship meeting racetrack-inspired technical materials, such as carbon fiber and Dinamica.

This car truly belongs to one of the most comfortable and luxurious cars in the world, but as mentioned it also has astonishing power. The exterior detailing of the Flying Spur Speed makes the car’s sporting character clear, but its performance is also comparable to that of a sports car. The 6.0 litre W12 engine can propel the Flying Spur from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds with an incredible maximum speed of 207 mph. These stats are literally unheard of in the world of the luxury sedan.

The Flying Spur Speed is an unmatched balance of performance and luxury, a car that will truly delight every passenger and excite every driver. Bentley Flying Spur Speed