Genesis Reveals Supercar Concept with 10,000rpm Hybrid V6

Genesis has taken the wraps off a striking supercar concept named the X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept, meticulously crafted for the Gran Turismo video game series exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

While an impressive full-scale model of this concept was unveiled at an event in Spain this week, it’s important to note that this creation has been tailored specifically for virtual use within the Gran Turismo gaming realm. This collaborative venture between the Hyundai luxury car division and the game’s developers does not currently have plans to materialize in physical showrooms.

Drawing inspiration from earlier Genesis concept sports cars like the Essentia and the Speedium coupe, the VGT concept appears finely tuned for race-track performance. Exhibiting a sleeker profile, robust wheel arches, center-lock wheels, and purposeful wheel-arch vents, it exudes a racing aesthetic.

At its heart, the VGT harnesses power from a “front-mid mounted” V6 petrol engine, complemented by a 149kW/265Nm electric motor. This petrol engine, belonging to the ‘Lambda’ family akin to the 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 in the Kia Stinger, purportedly boasts a formidable output of 648kW and 1071Nm while revving up to an impressive 10,000rpm.

In combination, Genesis asserts that this hybrid system delivers a staggering 798kW and 1336Nm. While specific performance figures for the VGT concept remain undisclosed, Genesis highlights a drag coefficient of 0.34.

Inside the VGT concept, a distinctive steering ‘yoke’ reminiscent of aircraft or Formula One cars replaces the conventional circular wheel. Positioned at the center, a digital instrument cluster is flanked by a pair of dials, enabling the driver to make real-time adjustments to anti-lock braking and traction-control system settings while on the move.

The cabin also features “quilted bolsters” along the edges, purporting to aid in seamless ingress and egress during pit stops.

While there are no intentions to transition the latest Genesis Gran Turismo concept into a showroom reality, reports suggest that the company is actively developing an electric sports car slated for launch later in this decade.