Gucci Opens Its First Luggage Focused Boutique in Paris

Italian luxury house Gucci recently inaugurated its first Gucci Valigeria boutique, which is dedicated to the world of travel. In an attempt to give emulate the taste or vibe of the vintage era in present time, the store is decorated and furnished with lights and dark wood.

Keeping in mind the heyday of rail travel during the time Belle-Epoque, things like vintage light fixtures and shelving decorate the retail space. This boutique comprises two floors, the space of which occupies more than 2,000 square feet, and offers a complete range of products from duffles, garments bags, bags, vanity cases, hat cases, and other travel essentials.

Stepping inside the store one would be reminded of a tony train station. On the floor above, the walls are decorated with brass-like designs, the ceiling features an arched roof, a loon-woven carpet in a tartan motif blankets the entire floor, and there are engraved lion heads.

Overall, the decoration represents the elegant elements of vintage time like walnut furniture, railway carriage, and neutral-toned canvas surfaces. 

“Gucci Valigeria is a reminder of our Florentine roots and timeless craftsmanship,” says Marco Bizzari, President and CEO of Gucci. Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris is the perfect location to host the first Gucci Valigeria boutique, offering a gateway to an ever-expanding world of travel and discovery.”

The spirit of travel is a constant source of creativity for Gucci, with roots traced back to the brand’s founder, Guccio Gucci. It began in the late 18th century when a young Gucci worked as a porter at the Hotel Savoy and saw guests flocking with trunks. This gave him the idea of ​​a business and in 1921 he returned to Florence to establish what is known now as Gucci. Today, the brand is one of the most powerful luxury brands that have shaped the fashion industry.