Astonishing New Louis Vuitton Spirit High Jewelry Collection

Cate Blanchett Models the new Louis Vuitton Spirit High Jewelry Collection

Louis Vuitton releases a myth-inspired Haute Jewelry line that embodies the modern woman. Infused with the power of mythological characters, Louis Vuitton embodies the essence of his spirit with his fourth Haute His jewelry collection, entitled ‘Spirit’. Designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of Maison’s watches and jewelry, the collection brings together concepts dear to the brand and is perfect for the modern Louis Vuitton woman.

The collection remains true to Louis Vuitton’s core ethos: a pioneering spirit, innovation ability, and constant desire to explore new identities. Featuring concepts of destiny, ascension to new heights, freedom, strength, and infinity, Amfitheatrof embraces the mythology surrounding fantastical creatures and transposes it to the 21st century.

Like a second skin of gold and platinum, the necklaces in the collection are designed to protect women on their journey through life and speak to the wild and mysterious nature that lies within each of us. Each scale that makes up this piece is individually assembled and features a stunning concave checkered pattern that fits perfectly against the skin.

A breathtaking collection of 125 epic creations containing five key values: Radiance, Liberty, Destiny, Fantasy, and Grace. With more pieces than any other high-end jewelry collection in the history of Louis Vuitton, it is the largest collection in the history of the Maison. It took over 40,000 hours of work in its Parisian atelier and three years of artisan jewelers to find the perfect gemstone. Emeralds from Colombia, Sapphires from Sri Lanka, rubies from Mozambique.

This stunning architectural jewelry set amplifies the power of Louis Vuitton’s heritage, revealing its spiritual richness through its triangular shape and repeating pattern of the ubiquitous letter V. The whole piece is brought to life by a row of fiery rubies, brought together by the distinctive red of Mozambique. Since the ruby ​​is removable, it can also be worn in his specially designed attached solitaire ring, which features a removable diamond that hangs from the necklace.