How One Sotheby’s Grew The First Luxury Realty Empire

Renowned for reinventing the wheel when it comes to assembling real estate organizations, Daniel De La Vega’s One Sotheby’s has emerged as the international gold standard for luxury realty. 

Any competitor agency now knows the bar they need to meet in order to compete across the map. 

De La Vega opened up such new frontiers and possibilities for real estate agencies through his novel practice of hiring local market specialists across high-density affluent areas in order to build a stockpile of luxury realty communities he could consolidate under the same umbrella. 

This approach- what business strategists refer to as open architecture hiring- has enabled One Sotheby’s to grow a luxury real estate empire spanning South America to Europe in which the brand carries even higher competency and specialization than local players.

Thirty years ago no one would have considered the feat possible. 

Now the entire luxury realty industry is being reimagined along the trail blazed by De La Vega.