How To Use Olive Oil For Topical Skin Treatments

Olive oil has long been a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and more than likely is always stocked in your pantry; but that delicious oil in your kitchen cabinet also has a practical use for skincare and treatments. Bakana Gold, a luxury olive oil brand, has also developed skincare products to help you benefit from the healthy components of this powerful elixir. Mariana Bakana, founder of Bakana Gold, has shared with us some alternative uses of olive oil as skin treatments. Read on below for some helpful tips!

Bakana Gold Olive Oil Skin Treatment - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
  • Moisturizer and after-sun treatment

Some people use olive oil as a moisturizing lotion by applying it directly to the skin before blotting off excess oil. Alternatively, the oil can be applied to damp skin to prevent a greasy feeling.

Based on the study of its antioxidant effects on mice, olive oil may be especially beneficial when applied following sun exposure.

  • Exfoliator

To exfoliate the face and body and treat areas of dry or scaly skin, a person can mix olive oil and sea salt to make a scrub.

People should use fine-grained salt on the face and other sensitive areas, and coarser grains on the rest of the body.

  • Eye Make-up Remover

Olive oil breaks down any water-resistant substances in eye makeup, allowing them to be wiped away more easily. To remove eye makeup, just add a few drops of olive oil to a cotton ball and gently wipe the eye area.

  • Face Mask

People with dry skin may see benefits from using an olive oil-based face mask. Olive oil mixed with ingredients such as egg white, honey, or ground oats can soften and hydrate the face.

Due to its antioxidant content, olive oil may reduce aging skin and wrinkles. The oil can be dabbed around the eye area at night or following sun exposure.

  • Scar Oil

The vitamins and other antioxidants in olive oil may fade scars by helping skin cells to regenerate. Simply massage the undiluted oil into scars or mix it with a squeeze of lemon juice to treat areas of hyperpigmentation, where the skin has darkened due to scarring.

Not all olive oil is created equally, so it is important to note the means through which the olives are processed. For example, the type of olive, ripeness, and production method can all influence the final product. Bakana Gold uses a selection of the best olives from Puglia with cold extraction and rigorous quality tests, to produce their Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of the highest grade. With fresh and smooth taste, it has won the most important international awards. Similarly, their skincare line is infused with this same oil providing great skin benefits.