A Glimpse Inside Core Club: The Elite Private Member’s Haven in the Heart of New York City

Prepare to be enthralled as we unveil the sanctuary for the elite, nestled in the heart of Manhattan. The Core Club, renowned for its initiation fees ranging from $15,000 to $100,000, will now grace over 60,000 square feet within the SHVO-owned edifice. Notably, this 11-story tower, erected in 1927, once stood as the center for corporate giants Coca-Cola, NBC, and Columbia Pictures.

Founder and CEO Jennie Enterprise expressively articulates, “This marks a watershed moment in our Core narrative. Since its inception, Core has been steadfast in curating a global community of unyieldingly inquisitive individuals, fueled by a passion for cultural exploration, devoted to community involvement, animated by unique perspectives, and committed to savoring life without concessions. With this new iconic address, we embark on an exhilarating new chapter, breathing life into our founding vision.”

Situated on the uppermost quartet of levels, the club boasts an additional 6,000 square feet of al fresco terrace expanse. Commencing on the 15th floor, 11 opulent suites spanning 500 to 750 square feet await, complemented by spa sanctuaries, a salon, and a sophisticated barbershop.

The 16th floor houses the Dangene Institute, offering bespoke anti-aging skincare regimens, and a rejuvenating juice bar awaits members after their fitness pursuits. Meanwhile, the 17th floor showcases an expansive “wine library,” curated by sommelier Yannick Benjamin, alongside an enigmatic speakeasy lounge presenting delectable small plates inspired by Mexican, Italian, and Japanese cuisines. 

A “culinary lab” on the same floor plays host to rotating renowned chefs, spearheaded by Chef Michele Brogioni, who commands the 18th-floor restaurant. Transitioning from a daytime à la carte Mediterranean haven to an evening prix fixe fine-dining establishment, patrons can anticipate seasonal, locally sourced fare, featuring an abundance of artisanal pasta

Brogioni passionately states, “In Italy, life revolves around the table—a space for vital discussions, both familial and professional. It’s where memories are etched, and one’s true self shines. The tables at Core mirror those sacred Italian spaces, fostering an atmosphere where members can unwind, feel at ease, and exude confidence. My mission is to present our community with gastronomy that elevates every dining experience to sheer delight.”

While the Fifth Avenue locale becomes Core’s primary residence, the club charts a course for further expansion, with upcoming outposts in the vibrant cities of Milan and San Francisco