Justin Bieber’s Unique Rolls-Royce ‘Uriel’ Captivates With Unconventional Design

Justin Bieber’s ‘Uriel’ is a captivating rendition of a classic.

This bespoke creation utilized a Rolls-Royce Wraith as its foundation. What sets this vehicle apart is its distinct wheel covers, presenting an illusion of levitation.

Taking three years to bring to fruition, the inspiration for this car struck Bieber upon stumbling upon an online image. Enchanted by a Rolls-Royce in the photo, he was determined to make it his own.

He promptly forwarded the image to Ryan Friedlinghaus, the co-founder of West Coast Customs, seeking guidance on acquiring a similar vehicle.

The image portrayed a Rolls-Royce adorned with unconventional, futuristic design elements. Unfortunately, it turned out that the depicted car was merely a conceptual sketch, devoid of any intent for further development.

Fortunately for Bieber, his inquiry reached the right individual. Friedlinghaus and his team embarked on transforming Bieber’s automotive fantasy into reality.

Commencing with a Wraith due to its semblance to the design, they meticulously reduced its length by eight inches and widened it by 12 inches, sculpting the desired distinctive shape.

During the design process, Friedlinghaus remained dedicated to preserving the essence of the esteemed luxury brand. “We don’t want to take away the greatness that Rolls-Royce is,” he emphasized. “We want to add our touches to it so they look at this car and think we did a good job with it.”

Central to achieving the unique aesthetic were the wheel covers, providing the illusion of suspension.

Employing advanced technology, West Coast Customs scanned the Wraith, generating precise 3D models required for the new body components. This endeavor involved years of meticulous shaping, cutting, and refining to attain the desired form.

Upon completion, a striking two-tone paint job in silver and matte gray adorned the exterior. Beyond the attention-grabbing exterior, the interior received notable modifications.

The upholstery transformed two-tone leather, complementing the exterior palette. Furthermore, the audio system was upgraded to deliver studio-quality sound.

The pièce de résistance was a bespoke Spirit of Ecstasy emblem that illuminates at night, adding a personalized touch.

Throughout the car’s refinement process, West Coast Customs conducted secretive 4 a.m. test drives to shield it from prying eyes. Dubbed ‘Uriel,’ translating to ‘God is my light,’ this revamped Wraith held Bieber in anticipation for three years.

The wait proved worthwhile, leaving the singer utterly speechless upon its revelation, a testament to the fulfillment of his automotive vision.