Kanye West Agrees To Buy Social Media App Parler, After Being Locked Out of Instagram and Twitter


Kanye West, an American rapper also known by Ye, agreed to buy social media platform Parler days after he was locked out of Instagram and Twitter.

Kanye West made an offer after he was locked out of his Instagram and Twitter account for making a post that some online users condemned as anti-Semitic.

In August, 2018 Kanye West was launched but he got his traction in 2020. But it was taken offline in 2021 because of its connections to the tragic uprising at the US Capitol earlier that month.

According to the reports, West’s net worth is around  $2 billion. Kanye is also a fashion designer and in the past few weeks terminated the partnership with Gap Inc, and his partnership with Adidas (a German sporting goods maker) has put its business partnership under review.

The company said that before the end of the year Ye and Parler’s parent company expect to finalize the deal. Deal includes technical support from its parent company and the use of its private cloud. 

So what is Parler? It is a self-styled free speech platform, it is popular among US conservatives (because of its hands off approach to content moderation) who disagree with content limits on social media

Now the question arises, why does Kanye West want to buy the Parler app? In conversation with Bloomberg, he said that he feels Parler is a platform where an individual can share their thoughts and can express themselves which they can’t do on other sites.

He also added that we all have the right to freely express ourselves and that we have to make sure because in this world conservative opinions are considered confidential.

Currently Parler is owned by Parlement Technologies Inc and to focus on customers who risk being pushed off the internet they created last month as part of a larger overhaul.

According to the reports, Ye seemed to have joined Parler recently and had about 91 followers. Since last week, Kanye has been prohibited from posting anything on Insta and Twitter due to his comments that the social media platform claims to have breached regulations.

According to the Pew Research Center, one-third of the tweets made in the US are political in character. Pew report says, while over 50 Americans makes 24% of the US adult Twitter population, they also write around 80% of all political tweets.