A Landmark Year For Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Is Completed By A Historic Sales Record

According to CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos, despite concerns about a recession, Rolls-Royce sold a record number of cars in 2022 as demand for their $500,000 vehicles remained high. The company’s sales have surpassed 6,000 in a single calendar year for the first time in its 118-year history.

The company’s first delivery of 6,000 vehicles, up 8% from 2021’s 6,021, was made by Rolls-Royce last year. The BMW-owned British automaker doesn’t provide specific figures for its earnings and sales. The average cost of a Rolls-Royce, according to the firm, increased to $534,000 last year, partly as a result of its Bespoke customizing program.

As the brand’s second-largest worldwide market, Greater China continues to be of critical strategic importance. “New Tier One” towns like Hangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as Shanghai and Beijing’s notable performances, contributed to a balanced sales picture throughout the area. Comparing the total sales result to the record result attained in 2021, persistent headwinds caused a single-digit decline; however, this might be offset by higher sales in other regions.

The Cullinan, the company’s SUV, was its top seller in 2022, accounting for roughly half of all sales globally, according to Muller-Otvos. Over 30% of sales were made by its Ghost model, whereas just 10% were made by the Phantom. The brand’s top area for bespoke commissions, nevertheless, was the Middle East. For the first time outside of Goodwood, England, Rolls-Royce opened a private office by invitation only in Dubai in 2022 to serve the region’s customers. The brand saw success in several other areas, led by a younger client base, including South East Asia, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

“These results reaffirm Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as a great British success story,” stated Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as it celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood. Our company has been established on very solid ground, and we have received advance orders that extend well beyond 2023. We are cautiously hopeful that 2023 will be a successful year for Rolls-Royce, even if we are not immune to global problems and economic headwinds because of our balanced global sales strategy.