Lazaro Leather: A Family History Of Leather Fashion

Created in 1948 inside the heart of Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires, Lazaro Leather is a family owned traditional leather goods company looking to leave an honest legacy in the leather fashion industry. With 72 years of traditional leather craftsmanship experience, the company was founded by Lazaro Nielavitzky and his brother as they began with the creation of their goatskin leather gloves that quickly grabbed the attention of many for their unique style and obvious quality of craftsmanship. Lazaro Leather was immediately recognized as a prominent figure in the industry for its ability to listen to consumers’ tastes and needs to deliver a product that has a quality that only increases over time.

Soon after during the mid 1980s, Lazaro’s youngest son Jorge joined the operation and brought with him the vision of creating high quality genuine Argentinian leather handbags, backpacks, and wallets while providing that same historic design and traditional craftsmanship. Lazaro Leather further embarked on a mission designing versatile, unisex, top quality products that display equal importance on history and characteristics matched with quality material and cutting edge design. The Lazaro Leather family continued to strive to impact history for many years, keeping a strong emphasis on quality of product construction and customer values, and in return, they have been able to have the amazing opportunity of opening multiple stores in several prestigious locations of Argentina. This gave customers a greater and deeper experience as well as a further insight into the history and inner workings of the Lazaro Leather brand. The brand has notably been awarded the Argentine Good Design Hallmark which has only been given to companies and brands that display distinctive innovation and top tier quality design. Lazaro Leather is also very well known for their ability to provide products that are highly appealing to both genders. Their Vicenza Backpack is a popular choice amongst many, giving you the utility of a backpack bearing a 15inch laptop space, internal and external multiple pockets, and more while maintaining all the incredibly sleek dimensions desired in a leather bag. As well, each backpack is designed with %100 full grain Argentinian leather and will clearly be clearly something you’ll want to show off.

With a clear mission statement that products are designed and constructed to last a lifetime, Lazaro Leather has shown an honest passion and commitment to craftsmanship and will continue to hand down those same qualities for the next generations to come. Josefina and Roman are those next generations of Lazaro looking to expand the brand’s vision with more modern yet timeless designs and with already 72 years of experience it is obvious that they are ready to take on such a feat. You can find out more about Lazaro Leather products at and or follow them on Instagram @lazaroleather as they continue to change the leather goods fashion industry.