Louis Vuitton Unveils Exquisite Deep Time High Jewelry Collection

In her fifth collection for the renowned French brand, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of watches and jewelry, Francesca Amfitheatrof, has embarked on an ambitious endeavor, drawing inspiration from the very creation of Earth itself.

Unveiled through a captivating journey across some of Greece’s most picturesque locations—culminating in a collective descent upon the serene, car-free island of Hydra, which has recently gained popularity among celebrities—Louis Vuitton Deep Time narrates the captivating tale of a monumental geological expedition, spanning from the formation of our planet to the emergence of life.

“At Louis Vuitton, we continue to embrace our spirit of adventure, venturing into extraordinary and unexpected realms,” states Amfitheatrof. “Deep Time will take you on a captivating journey to the profound depths of the past, transporting you to a time and place that is incredibly distant and, perhaps, even beyond comprehension.”

The collection, boasting a record-breaking total of 170 pieces, marks the largest jewelry collection in the history of the Maison. It is divided into two distinct categories, with the first focusing on the magnificent geological formations that have shaped the Earth we inhabit.

One standout piece exemplifies this theme—an awe-inspiring seven-row platinum necklace adorned with seven exquisite, oil-free Columbian emeralds. Inspired by the ancient supercontinent Gondwana, the necklace elegantly reflects the circular shape of our planet. Complementing this centerpiece are a pair of captivating earrings adorned with an additional 9.29 carats of emeralds, as well as a ring featuring another emerald-cut emerald.

Further along in the collection, we encounter the mesmerizing and formidable force of volcanoes. A striking high-collar necklace, crafted from platinum and gold, springs to life adorned with a stunning array of mandarin garnets and pink tourmalines. These gemstones, naturally formed under the intense heat and pressure of lava, infuse the piece with a brilliant allure.

Amfitheatrof explains, “We have an extraordinary ambition to discover the most exquisite gemstones, all of which are intertwined by a common theme in Deep Time. Whether they are born from volcanic lava, hail from diverse continents, or symbolize a specific concept, each stone represents a remarkable connection.”

As we explore the second segment of the Louis Vuitton Deep Time collection, Amfitheatrof’s attention turns towards the essence of life itself. She explains, “Deep Time pays homage to the past while also honoring the splendor of nature and the extraordinary fragility of life.”

In this segment, we are introduced to “Origins,” a captivating ensemble of pure-white jewels meticulously crafted from white gold and diamonds. A spiraling cascade of diamonds intertwines to form a double helix-inspired shape, with a detachable 4.11-carat LV Monogram Star cut diamond gracefully suspended from it, serving as a reminder of the Louis Vuitton universe.

As we progress through the ages, Deep Time embodies elements such as fossils, plants, bones, and finally, flowers. This evolution culminates in an astonishing oversized floral medallion, featuring alternating rubies, pink sapphires, and petals of yellow and rose gold.

Notably, for the first time, Louis Vuitton’s latest High Jewelry collection is unveiled alongside a series of bags. Each of the nine unique accessories is meticulously crafted from exotic leathers carefully chosen to harmonize with the themes explored in Deep Time.