HYT is back with two exciting new limited-edition watches called the Lunar Seas Moon Runner

HYT has recently broadened its selection of captivating moon phase watches with the introduction of the innovative Moon Runner models. These exceptional timepieces not only showcase an imaginative representation of the lunar seas but also feature an exquisite carbon fiber and DLC-treated titanium case. Positioned at the heart of each watch is a meticulously hand-painted orb, intricately capturing the intricate textures and enchanting visage of the moon, adding a touch of celestial allure to these remarkable time-tellers.
Embracing a harmonious design, the Moon Runner models feature a captivating arrangement where two sleek titanium discs elegantly envelop the central orb, adorned with precise month and day indications. Enhancing the functionality of these timepieces, outer rings gracefully orbit around the moon, showcasing intricate hour and minute markings. To effortlessly read the time, simply direct your attention to the luminous triangular tip, generously coated with Super-LumiNova®, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions.

With an impressive case size of 48mm, these exceptional timekeepers are driven by reliable 601-MO mechanical movement, ensuring precise and accurate timekeeping while offering an impressive power reserve of up to 72 hours. The Ghost variant presents an exquisite color combination of lustrous silver and black, exuding a sophisticated and captivating allure. On the other hand, the Desert model embraces a slightly more rustic ambiance with its charming sand beige colorway, evoking a sense of warm elegance. To complement their striking aesthetics, both watches are accompanied by a rubber strap featuring microfiber embossings, thoughtfully accentuated with meticulously crafted topstitched details, delivering a harmonious blend of comfort and style.
The captivating HYT Moon Runner Ghost and HYT Moon Runner Desert editions have been meticulously crafted as exclusive limited editions, with only 15 units available for discerning collectors. Each exquisite piece bears a price tag of CHF 125,000 (equivalent to approximately $139,694 USD), showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines these remarkable timepieces. For those captivated by their allure, the opportunity to inquire about and acquire these extraordinary watches remains open on the official website of the esteemed HYT brand.