Own a Piece of Basketball History: Michael Jordan’s Signed’Dream Team’ Air Jordans Headed for Record-BreakingAuction

At the upcoming auction, a pair of Air Jordans from the 1992 Olympics, personally signed by Michael Jordan, is expected to garner an astounding sum, potentially reaching up to $300,000. Sotheby’s auction house now provides the highest bidder the opportunity to own these history relics—Michael Jordan’s worn and autographed Air Jordan 7 sneakers, crafted in the vibrant “Dream Team” colorway.

Worn by the legendary Chicago Bulls player during the momentous 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona, these iconic shoes witnessed Jordan’s remarkable leadership, guiding the fabled Dream Team to an awe-inspiring victory. Experts have valued this extraordinary pair of sneakers between $100,000 and $300,000, and the current bidding has already reached an impressive 75,000.

Regarded as one of the most remarkable sports teams ever assembled, the Dream Team, spearheaded by Jordan, comprised an illustrious roster. Among its esteemed members were basketball luminaries such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, and Scottie Pippen, to name just a few.

Earlier this year, Jordan’s autographed and well-worn 1992 “Dream Team” jersey found its new owner through a staggering auction sale, fetching a remarkable $3,030,000. With Malone as the seller, the jersey bore Jordan’s signature, accompanied by the inscription, “To Karl, good luck.”

This recent auction is not the sole instance where Jordan’s remarkable wardrobe has captured the attention of collectors and enthusiasts. Notably, his iconic black and varsity red “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12 fetched an astonishing $1,380,000 on the popular online auction platform Goldin. Despite feeling under the weather during the 1997 NBA Finals, Jordan showcased an unparalleled performance, amassing 38 points and propelling the Bulls to a momentous victory.

Michael Jordan’s “flu game” Air Jordan 12 in its Black/Varsity Red colorway. Goldin

In 1984, a groundbreaking partnership bestowed Jordan with his own line of signature footwear, making him the first athlete to receive such an honor. This pivotal moment paved the way for countless other athletes to have their own iconic signature shoe collections.