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Before you decide where to go on your next luxury holiday, we have discovered a brand new members only travel review site that promises it’s different from the rest. LuxuryBARED’s unique service specializes in the evaluation and recommendation of top-end hotels, cruises and airline cabins. What’s more, you can browse through the reviews for free for 30 days – just visit 

LuxuryBARED is fully independent, so as a member you will have access to honest, unbiased and detailed information, that leaves nothing out, to ensure you receive the “truth without the hype”. What also sets LuxuryBARED apart is its team of experts stationed on a number of continents, all specializing in high-end leisure travel and all with at least 25 years of industry experience. When a review is completed you are sure to know it was made with uncompromising discern!  Each review is a result of a thorough ‘test drive’ where restaurants are dined at, beds are slept in and the service is assessed, with the highest scoring receiving a ‘Golden Palm Award’.

To give you a taste of what’s in store, here’s a snippet from the recent review about Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice to whet your appetite… “Prior to the hotel’s recent, gargantuan renovation, it could be said this grandest of Grande Dames was indeed showing her age. But there is nothing like bringing together a collection of Europe’s most talented artisans and designers and giving them oodles of cash and ample time to work their magic. The result? Arguably one of Italy’s most beautiful hotels.” If you like what you see, sign up to read the full review.

Reviews are being added all the time and LuxuryBARED has lots of plans in the pipeline for its members including adding 360-degree videos using cutting-edge technology and a handy app, as well as interesting articles about food, fashion and more.

Let’s face it, we don’t want to be let down, especially when we are expecting an ultimate luxury getaway. Now you can plan your next trip knowing the accommodations will live up to your expectations! LuxuryBARED’s travel gurus have experienced the wonders of the world and will safeguard your traveling experience.

Luxury Bared – The Truth Without the Hype


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