Luxury Redefined: Inside Dubai’s $135 Million Bulgari Mansion on Jumeirah Bay Island

Nestled amidst the enchanting expanse of Dubai’s Jumeirah Bay island, the Bulgari Resort and Residences epitomize luxury, sophistication, and grandeur. Among the jewels adorning this picturesque locale, a mansion crafted by the renowned Italian architecture firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel stands as a testament to opulence, now available for acquisition at a staggering $135 million through luxury real estate specialist B1 Properties.

Spanning a lavish built-up area of nearly 10,000 square feet within a sprawling plot of 20,221 square feet, this exquisite abode exudes an air of Mediterranean charm. A glimpse into its divine interiors unveils four master bedrooms and six bathrooms, offering a sanctuary of tranquility and indulgence.

The centerpiece of this palatial estate is a majestic 141-foot swimming pool, complete with an underwater sound system, enveloping residents in a cocoon of serenity. Beyond mere leisure, the mansion boasts an array of amenities including a serene spa with sauna and steam facilities, a state-of-the-art home cinema, a luxurious salon, and a private office, catering to every conceivable need and desire.

Elevating the living experience to unparalleled heights, the mansion seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, offering breathtaking views of the iconic Dubai skyline. Glass doors merge the living room with the lush garden and pool area, while an expansive skylight bathes the interiors in natural light, creating an ambiance of openness and grandeur.

The interiors are adorned with prestigious brands such as Hermès, Baccarat, THG Paris, and Fantini Italy, complemented by Visionnaire Furniture and Brazilian marble floors, evoking a sense of timeless elegance and refinement.

Babak Jafari, CEO, and Founder of B1 Properties, describes the mansion as a pinnacle of luxury living, redefining the standards of opulence and innovation in Dubai’s real estate landscape. As the exclusive seller of this extraordinary property, B1 Properties reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence and solidifies its position as a leader in Dubai’s esteemed real estate sector.

The Bulgari Resort and Residences, comprising 173 apartments and 15 mansions spread across 1.8 million square meters of Jumeirah Bay, offer a harmonious blend of seaside serenity and urban allure. With captivating views of the azure sea, the dynamic Dubai skyline, and the iconic Burj Khalifa, this enclave epitomizes the epitome of luxury living in one of the world’s most coveted destinations.