Luxury Timepieces by Porsamo Bleu

Luxury and affordability do not typically go hand in hand. However, the dynamic line of men’s and women’s watches from Porsamo Bleu seem to defy this notion. While not sacrificing quality, they have created an eye catching collection of classic looking timepieces that are pricey, but not astronomically expensive.

Founder Moe Afshar and creative partner Krisztina Csupo have extensive experience in the fine jewelry and fashion world. Ashfar comes from a long lineage of master jewelers; serving as CFO for his father’s jewelry business, Moe oversaw a business that would become the largest importer of Italian gold jewelry into the United States. Devoting themselves to painstaking craftsmanship, rigorous attention to detail, and stylistic originality, one only has to look at the Porsamo Bleu collection to understand the extent of Afshar and Csupo’s passion for horology.

In an increasingly competitive and expensive world of luxury watches, Porsamo Bleu is unique in that they have an incredibly diverse and multifaceted line. Offering a large range of different styles and materials, from stainless steel to leather and silicone, they are perfect for business and leisure alike. They are also unique in that they are reasonably priced while maintaining an elegant and cosmopolitan flair.

Whether you are a seasoned watch collector or novice, we feel that Porsamo Bleu is a great addition to the world of luxury timepieces. To  learn more,  visit


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