Maison Egon von Furstenberg Furnishes Two New Luxury Projects

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The modern and luxurious furnishing solutions of the Maison Egon von Furstenberg enrich not only our homes with charm and beauty, but now we also find them in two recently built projects. Always in line with the style of the Maison and the lifestyle that represents its client.

Laguna Drive in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida furnished by Maison Egon von Furstenberg

“Villa Laguna Drive” is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a majestic and enchanting villa located on a flat strip of land with a breathtaking view of the mouth of the New River that combines interior and open-air spaces with sophisticated and charming atmospheres, which blend beautifully with the surrounding natural setting. The Villa extends over a very suggestive area in one of the most beautiful locations in Florida. Surrounded by large gardens, an infinity pool and a large terrace that has given life to bright and welcoming interiors characterized by a unique aesthetic and timeless elegance. Upon entering you have the opportunity to explore the charming living room which features a rich selection of furnishings from the latest in Epoque by Egon Furstenberg’s collections including towering sofas, bucket armchairs, and ottomans. The dining room, on the other hand, offers several seats all around an elegant table with a bronzed steel base and marble top. The sleeping area is characterized by particular headboards with geometric motifs from imposing heights up to touching the ceiling, to make the bed and our sleep more comfortable, with a set of numerous complements and accessories from the Epoque by Egon Furstenberg brand.

A home project based on the concept of luxury and Italian Style. Vincenzo Merli himself, Art Director of the maison, underlines this:

Furniture for us is a precious concept, it knows how to give natural elegance to the home, evokes timeless suggestions, it is like the fabric of a haute couture dress, it deserves to be tailor-made, chosen and cut according to the client’s wishes. This transposition of the concept of Haute Couture in furniture was a winning formula; rather than focusing on the product offered, which is also of the highest quality, we preferred to dedicate ourselves to satisfying the wishes of the customer, even the most demanding.

Vincenzo Merli, Art Director of Maison Egon von Furstenberg
Tre Fontane Resort Entrance

The opening of the luxurious “Tre Fontane” Resort dates back to this period, an exclusive project located in a historic park that fits harmoniously into the splendid naturalistic setting of the Gulf of Naples and precisely in Portici. It includes 60 spacious suites including 50 facing the sea. Inside , the contemporary design style is immediately perceived, from the huge windows to the materials chosen for the coverings such as marble, stoneware, decorated resins, semiprecious stones and steel. The resort is further expanding with 3 meeting rooms and a restaurant that enjoys an enviable sea view. The lounge spaces host numerous products from the Epoque by Egon Furstenberg collection, all belonging to the Excence line, sofas and armchairs that with their enveloping design offer a pleasant sensation of refined welcome and comfort. To complete the setting, steel tables with crystal tops, printed velvet paintings with decorated resin decorations and a set of complements and accessories. The suites include different bed models, always characterized by impressive headboards with steel applications. To enrich the spaces, sofas, armchairs, furniture, paintings and design objects in style with the furniture. All in the name of exclusivity, elegance and comfort.

Tre Fontane Resort Guest Room
Tre Fontane Resort Hall

These ambitious projects offer a precious contribution to the furniture sector, which has always had a great influence in the development of the brand, a strategy that goes hand in hand with that linked to the world of interior designers and architects who increasingly require custom products. made, capable of providing new luxury residences and hotels with a touch of uniqueness and a very special style. Today the brand is now recognized nationally and internationally as one of the producers of excellence. “Success – says Vincenzo Merli – is based on the study of design, on the art of manufacturing and on the careful selection of high quality materials, without forgetting the commitment to propose an elegant style and the pursuit of luxury always distinguished by the Made in Italy, synonymous with quality, charm and tradition ” .

Epoque by Egon Furstenberg, a Home Collection in the name of the balance between classic and modern style that looks to the past but with the right mix of tradition and technological design that ensures that the products maintain that charm unchanged over time. Each model has its own uniqueness given by the skill with which it is packaged. Every processing, every detail, every finishing are the expression of synthesis between craftsmanship and industry, with the use of noble materials such as fabrics and leathers that become an integral part of the upholstery of all models. The selection of the latter always takes into account the ecological aspect that guarantees respect for the environment.

Passion and creative talent is the success of the brand that has given life to the art of furnishing since 1975.