The Secret To Affordable Wall Art

Desenio Fashion Bouquet Gallery - Affordable Wall Art

Have you ever wondered how an interior space can come together simply and seamlessly? The wall decor, one of the most important finishing elements of an interior space, makes all the difference in making a room feel complete. We’ve searched long and far to find the best source of wall art to discover Desenio, the go-to online destination for art prints.

Founded in 2010, Stockholm-based Desenio has been the pioneer in stylish and affordable wall art. Their beloved Scandinavian aesthetic brings beauty and simplicity to home decor in a way that no other wall art company does. With an online presence in over 33 countries and thousands of prints to choose from, Desenio’s website makes it super easy to discover and build your dream prints or gallery wall. Their variety of artwork options can suit any room or style of interior with categories ranging from photography and botanical to text posters, art prints, and more! Whether you are looking for one stand-out framed artwork for a focal point or want to create a full gallery wall, Desenio’s website can easily guide you to the right solution.

Desenio Gallery Walls

Enter Desenio’s Gallery Wall Tool that takes you into a virtual staging scenario to plan out your own art wall. The first step is selecting a background, which you can choose based on different furniture styles, and then select to change the wall color to match the aesthetic you are going for. From there, you can select from various pre-set photo arrangements, for example two 70x100cm frames side by side, three 50x70cm frames in a line, or assortments of multiple frames sizes in a pre-set layout that is guaranted to be aethetically pleasing. Once the layout is selected, one by one you can fill the spaces with prints of your choice and finally select the frame types. The Gallery Wall Tool makes it super easy to map out your vision precisely, and take the guess work out of this interior design process.

Plus, if you have a theme or aesthetic in mind, Desenio has curated Inspiration Rooms with various themes to give you a hand at selecting art prints. With so many prints to choose from if you’re a bit indecisive, the inspiration rooms provide a sense of influence to guide the selection process, and reassurance that specific prints will look great together. 

With it’s bright and airy feel, Desenio’s “White Blooming Beach” gallery wall is perfect to create a blissful and relaxing vibe.
Dubbed “Pastel Paradise” this gallery wall is the perfect way to add color and femininity to your space.
Want that summer beach house vibe all year long? The Blue Shades Gallery Wall is the perfect mix of beachy vibes.

Our Desenio Print Picks

As true contemporary style connoisseurs, our open floorplan waterfront home is predominantly neutral tones of light washed oak wood floors, light grey walls, white kitchen cabinets with a grey island and dining table, and marble accents throughout. To keep in line with this aesthetic, we chose a few Desenio prints to complement this interior style while bringing out that Scandinavian artist flair embedded in the companies DNA. Check out our picks below that gave our home walls the perfect finishing touches.

Waves of Silence Poster

Our guest bedroom is designed with a beach theme including accents like a larger than life three dimensional starfish made of seashells, nautical embroidered sheets, and rattan accents. What better way to tie in the ocean itself than with the calming Waves of Silence poster, to make the guest space a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Desenio’s Artful Lines No2 Poster

Playful yet sultry, the Artful Lines No2 Poster found it’s place in the vanity area of our master bathroom.

Pale Poppy Print by Desenio

The delicate floral Pale Poppy Print was the perfect accent for our first floor bathroom that features white marble vine tiling with grey grout. It adds a sense of refreshing ambiance to what otherwise would have been a bare wall.

More Wall Art Ideas

Desenio Abstract Wave Gallery Wall

For that sophisticated, uptown-chic interior, Desenio’s Abstract Wave print duo is the perfect match.

Fresh Lemon Gallery Wall

Dreaming of a European summer in Italy? Turn your kitchen or living room into a garden paradise with Desenio’s Fresh Lemon Gallery Wall.

Iconic Gallery Wall

If black & white photography and text prints are your thing, the Iconic Gallery wall is the perfect modern inspiration to liven up your wall space.

We could keep going, because there are SO many different art prints and styles to choose from. Take a look for yourself to find the perfect art accents for any space at