Masseria dei Vini: A Taste of Authentic Italy in the Heart of NYC

Masseria dei Vini is one of New York’s most delightful restaurants in the heart of Manhattan. Just steps from Colombus Circle and Central Park, this restaurant provides authentic Italian food down to the core. Whether you’re looking for a simple, yet tasteful pasta, or a complex veal ravioli to satisfy every tastebud, they have it all.

La Masseria Group was formed by childhood friends and natives of Capri, Giuseppe Iuele and Vincenzo Ruggiero, and Executive Chef Giuseppe Coladonato a native of Rutigliano, a small town near Bari in Puglia, who met his future partners while working as the Head Chef at Sette Mezzo. The partnership officially formed after the closure of Sette MoMA, with the trio opening La Masseria in the Theater District in September 2004. Since joining forces, they have opened two cafés and three additional restaurants, La Masseria Rhode Island in 2009, La Masseria Palm Beach Gardens in 2016, and a second Manhattan restaurant, Masseria dei Vini in Hell’s Kitchen in 2014. 

Coniglio Alla Caprese at Masseria del Vini Italian Restaurant New York City
Coniglio Alla Caprese

Throughout all of La Masseria Group’s endeavors, one thing remains constant: farm fresh ingredients to create classic Italian dishes. The 9th Avenue restaurant La Masseria dei Vini, is a more contemporary take on its predecessor and features daily crudos, a large selection of house made pasta, traditional dishes from Puglia, and a large selection of wines mainly from Italy. Many proteins are created in a Ferrara wood-burning pizza oven that has lava rocks from Mount Vesuvius giving the dishes a distinct taste.

As soon as you walk in, there is an instant connection with the restaurant and the image they’re trying to portray, a classic Southern Italian ambiance that makes you feel right at home. And of course, no Italian restaurant is complete without a delicious pizza. Incorporating wildy delicious toppings on their “Pugliese Maritata” which is composed of Smoked Mozzarella, Broccolini Rabe, and Ground Italian Sausage, the recipe equates for an experience to never forget.

Outdoor Dining at Masseria Del Vini - Pizza Tartufo Nero
Outdoor Dining at Masseria Del Vini – Pizza Tartufo Nero

A commitment to an authentic Italian experience goes beyond the food itself. The extensive wine program at Masseria dei Vini was designed by Enzo Ruggiero, whose passion for wine began as a child going to local vineyards. The program contains more than 400 different labels, with approximately 90-percent of the catalogue coming from Italy, and the other 10-percent from around the world. Enzo has selected each wine by hand, opting to highlight wines from small vineyards and producers as well as uncommon wines.

Once you’ve finished your meal the last phase to a great meal ends with a great desert. With the popular choice of many, their Tiramisu is definitely a must. While being light and fluffy, this dessert is a great way to cap the night off, and enjoy a nice conversation with company only to inevitably discuss how great of an experience you just had.

All in all, Masseria Dei Vini is the place to go to, if you ‘re looking for a restaurant to take friends to or even just a significant other, quality is always top of mind in every which way.

Masseria dei Vini Restaurant