Mastering The Millennial Marketplace

In the current market, building authentic presence on social media is essential to sustained success for any brand.

The advertising money that used to be spent on television and radio is now being overwhelmingly redirected to influencer marketing funnels that are creating staggeringly-high demand from consumers and on a global scale. By tapping into influencer networks, brands can unleash huge growth at a rapid pace.

One of the year’s biggest influencer marketing success stories to date is high-end jewelry brand APM Monaco’s Fun Crazy Love Collection.

APM MONACO Crazy Monaco Collection Modeled by Kristina Bazan - Luxury Womens Jewelry - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


The Monaco-based jewelry brand has partnered with fashionable influencers who shape the buying behavior of the 18-35 year old female demographic from China, Russia, Europe, Latin America and the US to create consistent worldwide consumer traction and brand impact.

As a result, APM Monaco has been able to create a global phenomenon quite unlike any other contemporary jewelry brand on the market. Their latest campaign behind the launch of their new Fun Crazy Love Collection provides a clear example.

Here’s actress Mara Teigen sharing her Fun Crazy Love piece with her fans in Los Angeles.

APM Monaco Crazy Love Collection Modeled By Mara Teigen - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


At the same time star influencers such as Ruslana Gee and Rose Betram share the collection with their audiences primarily based across Moscow, New York, and Toronto. 

APM Monaco Luxury Womens Jewelry - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine APM Monaco Luxury Womens Jewelry - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


It is through assembling a global ambassador network of star influencers like these that the nearly 40 year-old Monegasque company has been able to achieve such rapid retail expansion.

Initially founded in 1982 by jeweler Ariane Prette, for more than 30 years the company produced high-end jewelry for some of the biggest jewelry brands in the world. After three decades perfecting the processes for creating impeccable handcrafted pieces, the Prette family decided to develop their own name-brand products and expand into retail markets worldwide.

Although APM Monaco has utilized influencer campaigns before to amplify collections debuts, their Fun Crazy Love campaign has been able to penetrate through to the end consumer like never before.  In the campaign, APM Monaco strategically incorporated gifting competitions across every one of it’s 30+ influencer posts to trigger UGC (user generated content). The end result was that fans worldwide were engaged and became a propagating part of the APM marketing base.

Such shrewd strategies are a big reason why APM is considered one of the most adept brands in the digital space and why we should look for APM to increasingly expand at a rapid rate.

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