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Paul Forrest Hartzband has always been fascinated by how mechanical watches with complications create various types of motion. At the same time, he has always had a love for jewelry. Paul has been at Baselworld for 35 years and would always walk the bridge from the watch section to jewelry. After all, the watch and jewelry business is really one. Four years ago, Paul thought of building jewelry that had a soul and a pulse that would “bridge” the 2 divisions together. He imagined combining jewelry with fine Swiss watch mechanics and therefore Paul Forrest Co and Heart’s Passion® were born. In the watch business, the movement is often referred to as the heart of the watch. Much of jewelry is about diamonds and other stones sparkling. By creating a heart of stones that is always in motion, it is always sparkling. At the center of the jewelry is a small hidden mechanical marvel that magically brings to life a heartbeat in a sparkling celebration of love. Much like a music box, each Paul Forrest pendent is brought to life effortlessly by a “ key” to your heart.

Paul Forrest Co

Paul Forrest Co’s goal is to do something different, something that has never been seen or done before and to be the vanguard of the future in jewelry. Paul Forrest Co is a brand that does not cut any corners using only the finest materials and completely Swiss craftsmanship. All their jewelry is Swiss Made which sets them apart from other brands. This is the only mechanically driven jewelry.

Paul Forrest immediately started building the mechanical system in Fleurier Switzerland located within the Val de Travers, a small village know for its Haute Horlogerie history. It was no easy feat because nothing like this has ever been built before. Paul Forrest had to build a very small mechanical movement with the power to drive a beating heart of jewels in a very poetic motion. Thus, their first calibre PFC-001 was born. The Internationally Patented movement, Calibre PFC-001, has been specially built to transmit force to a specially designed cam necessary to achieve the poetic motion. This cam rotates at 0.8 times per minute driven by a a very small and powerful barrel. The cam is covered with a thin layer of Teflon (PTFE) to reduce friction and moves vertically a ruby pin integral with two arms which are pivoted symmetrically with respect to a vertical plane. This gives the heartbeat symmetry. The two heart lobe supports are fixed on the two arms. Two rods are fixed between an arm and the opposite lobe support and guide lobes to guarantee a constant spacing between the two lobes, and balance the system. A mass is attached to one of the two arms to balance the system in a vertical position.This complex device converts a circular movement into a translational movement of two elements symmetrically with minimum effort due to a balancing of the weight in each operating position.

Each Paul Forrest pendant is wound and brought to life, effortlessly by a winding “key” to your heart that actually makes your heart beat ! It also doubles as the clasp. Even the key/clasp has a complicated one way ratchet system inspired by an antique Breguet pocket watch.

Paul Forrest Heart Pendant Necklace Mechanical Jewelry

The jewelry pendant itself is crafted in Switzerland as well using only 750 (18-karat) Gold. Each pendant features a double curved, anti-reflective sapphire crystal aperture, which is the window to the mesmerizing beating heart. The dials are made from the finest Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Onyx, Turquoise, and more. They use only VVS quality diamonds as well as top quality Rubies. As the jewelry houses a unique mechanical movement it is made with 5atm water resistant construction. There are 23 models in the collection both in medallion shape and heart shape.

These days, many women are becoming increasingly aware of feminine mechanical complications as seen on many high level watches in recent times. Heart’s Passion is for women who appreciate the beautiful and elegant jewelry as well as its unique sophisticated inner life. Men will be attracted to this very unique bridge between jewelry and fine Swiss watchmaking. Heart’s Passion® with it’s functioning key to your heart will make a romantic gift for their loved ones. This is a feminine complication for her!

Paul Forrest Co is the jewelry brand that will specialize in jewelry that has a life of its own. If you have a look at the website , you will see the complete collection as well as all details about the product.

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