Meet Dennis Prescott, The Chef Whose Mastered Hearty Homemade Meals

Homemade Toast by Dennis Prescott - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Homemade Toast by Dennis Prescott

Disclaimer: Dennis’ food flat lays will leave your mouth watering!

Dennis Prescott – Chef, Author, TV Host

Dennis Prescott is a well known and celebrated Canadian chef, cookbook author, and program host. A once struggling musician living in Nashville, TN, Prescott learned how to cook by working his way through and studying in depth several Jamie Oliver cookbooks. Food became a strong passion, so strong his studies quickly turned to a food obsession, where he started his booming Instagram account full of photos of mouth-watering food and eclectic recipes.

Pappardelle with Creamy Garlicky-Lemon Chanterelles
Chilaquiles: Veggie-Packed Breakfast Nacho Comfort

Prescott began working alongside chefs in various restaurants, leading him to travel the world as a head chef. Having spent time experimenting with many cooking techniques and recipes, and teaching numerous communities how to cook, Prescott’s expertise has led him to this crucial role on TV Show “Restaurants on the Edge”, and with his latest cookbook, Eat Delicious currently available in stores. In the show currently streaming on Netflix, Dennis joins a restauranteur and designer around the world to revive restaurants with extraordinary potential, but in many cases an underwhelming food and atmosphere. This makes for quite possibly the best pairing as Dennis can lend his world knowledge and skills as a chef to revamp otherwise dull menu’s in far-off destinations.

The way Dennis styles food and creates his photos, has definitely brought such a strong light to the way chefs prepare, style and share their love of working with food. Dennis creates a strong tie to the enjoyment of cooking, preparation, and effort into the finishing of our dishes through his passion. His Instagram account @dennistheprescott boasts now over 535k followers with inspiring homemade food flatlays that will have you hungry instantly.

Though the task may seem daunting, you can recreate one of these impressive flat lays at home, or even just try out one of the recipes for your next home cooked dinner, as Dennis breaks down many of his recipes on his website

For those of you who love and appreciate cuisine, chefs, and food styling – take a look @dennisstheprescott on Instagram and you wont regret it!