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Have you ever went underwater with your own personal jet within your two hands? Meet the ultimate water toy, the Seabob Jet.

The SeaBob is the ultimate underwater watercraft. The experience you wont forget, holding onto a jet controlled by you in the palm of your hands in the ocean with no boundaries or limits. Offered in three different versions the F5, the F5 S, and the F5 SR .

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The FS version reached a top speed of 9.3 mph over water, and will reach 8.1 mph underwater.  To steer and drive will require a shift in your body weight. This version will operate for 60 minutes straight for one full battery charge, and cost a total of $9,225.00.

Then there is the F5 S, which reaches top speeds of 12.4 mph over water, and 11.18 mph under water. To steer and driving will as well only require a shift in your body weight. This model will operate for the 60 minutes period  when fully charged, and cost a total of $12,695.00.

Lastly if you’re looking to really push it to the limits there is the F5 SR. The SR version reached top speeds of 13.7 mph, and 12.5mph under water. The same simple natural force in your body movements with steer this toy, however this version has more battery life and will run for 70-80 minutes straight under one battery charge, and will cost a total of $17,125.00

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When choosing your SeaBob the color options are endless through their exclusive high-gloss and multiple layer paint system ranging from $575 – $820 a color, including colors: Star White, Zircon Blue, Ixon Red, Lumex Yellow, Lumex Red, Lumex Orange, Anthracite-Green, Anthracite-Lumex Orange, and Big Label Red-White

That’s not all, you can even tune up your SeaBob. Tune ups are available to improve performance. Most popular addition would be the availability to add a Seabob Cam included in your Seabob allowing you to record your voyage and share to others remotely on their mobile devices.

The SeaBob is one of, if not the coolest water toys out there. Perfect for the caribbean seas and yacht days. Stop by a coral, or lagoon, bay, lake, and pull out your SeaBob Jet and start jetting around. Don’t forget to capture the moments on your onboard cam!

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