Michael B. Jordan Unveils David Yurman’s Inaugural Men’s High Jewelry Collection

Famous luxury jewelry brand David Yurman proudly announces actor and director Michael B. Jordan as the esteemed ambassador and face of its debut Men’s High Jewelry collection, titled The Vault. This unveiling represents a significant leap for both the brand and the industry, marking their entry into the realm of luxurious men’s jewelry. The meticulously curated 30-piece ensemble draws inspiration from architecture, mythology, and the natural world, comprising striking necklaces, bracelets, rings, and cufflinks.

Evan Yurman, President and Chief Creative Officer, remarks, “At the heart of David Yurman lies curiosity and innovation. There’s no better moment than now to pioneer a new path in men’s jewelry. Michael epitomizes mastery and elegance in every endeavor he undertakes, making him the perfect advocate to convey the essence of this extraordinary collection.”

The captivating campaign, directed and captured by esteemed American photographer Tyler Mitchell and styled by Jason Bolden in Los Angeles, narrates the tale of architectural ingenuity through creativity. Jordan reflects on the campaign’s theme, stating, “It embodies the essence of individuality and self-expression—the qualities that define artists striving for greatness. Collaborating with David Yurman has provided me with the opportunity to join forces with fellow creatives to craft something timeless, universal, and innovative.”

Merging two decades of design innovation, engineering expertise, and storytelling, the advent of Men’s High Jewelry aligns seamlessly with Evan Yurman’s unwavering dedication to his craft, where he meticulously procures the most exquisite gems and antiquities to fashion unparalleled pieces. The Vault’s designs feature bespoke cuts and illusion settings, showcasing hand-selected gemstones prized for their rarity and superior quality. Intricately crafted by Yurman’s master artisans, each piece undergoes meticulous custom diamond cutting and setting, resulting in bold stone treatments with a subtle profile.

Yurman emphasizes, “The excellence of your designs is inherently tied to the skill of the artisans who bring them to life. Over the past decade, I’ve cultivated relationships and honed techniques, employing custom gem cutters, master setters, cutting-edge technology, hand engravers, engineers, and alchemists to realize my vision for this latest collection.”