Motorola Showcased Wrist-Wearable Smartphone Concept

Motorola has introduced an innovative concept for a smartphone that can be worn on your wrist, reminiscent of a large slap bracelet. This “adaptive display” concept offers flexible functionality and versatility.

At the annual Lenovo Tech World event, Motorola showcased this groundbreaking smartphone concept, designed to be wrapped around the wrist, providing a unique hands-free experience. The device’s “adaptive display” can be molded and bent into various forms to cater to users’ diverse needs, as stated in a press release.

When laid flat, the phone’s 6.9-inch screen offers a complete Android experience. When folded into a self-standing upright position, it transforms into a more compact version of Android, displayed on a 4.6-inch screen. Additionally, users have the option to wear it on their wrist, functioning as a (noticeably large) hands-free wristwatch.

While this concept presents an exciting glimpse into the future of wearable technology, several questions remain. Will it feel cumbersome on the wrist over time? How durable will it be with constant bending and folding? How can one protect or design a case for such a unique device?

As of now, this wrist-wearable smartphone is only a concept, and specific details like pricing and potential availability are yet to be revealed.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first concept of a flexible smartphone. Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, introduced a similar concept at its 2016 Tech World event. In that year, a Chinese startup called Moxi Group also hinted at developing a smartphone that could wrap around the wrist like a bracelet. However, none of these concepts have made it to the market.