New Hydro Moc AT of Merrell 1TRL Collection Could Be Game Changer In Outdoor Exploration

Hydro Moc

Merrell is an American manufacturing company of footwear product who recently unveiled its latest footwear collection of the Merrell 1TRL model which is named “Hydro Moc AT.” 

As we always prefer to know the specifications of the product, this newly designed shoe called Hyrdo Moc AT consists slew of features, that will absolutely blow your mind.

This new shoe is made of materials which are capable to survive in all terrain, and materials are water-ready and the shoe is wearable for the off-road terrains.

The Hydro Moc AT, is durable and water-friendly EVA foam cage upper, and the midsole is made from 10% algae biomass.

The company has come up with three models in same design, one is Neo GTX 1TRL, second is Hydro Moc AT Ripstop 1TRL and third is Neo GTX 1TRL, they all have some distinctive features. Now lets find out what are the specifications of these 3 models?

It’s comes with ripstop liner which is engineered with 80% of recycled nylon upper. 

Hydro Moc AT GTX 1TRL is made in such way that this shoe keeps the foot bone-dry and the material used for this function is Neoprene bootie that is crafted with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane.

And the last model, Hydro Moc AT Mid 1TRL is designed with Primaloft Gold Eco Series synthetic upper. It is engineered to combat the coldest and harsh cold weather. This feature makes it different from other model, now you can wear this shoe and start trekking on the lofty mountains like Himalayas with little worry about your feet.

Finally, if you are curious to know more about this shoe and its arrival for purchase you can go through official website of Merrell 1TRL in the coming weeks.